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CT, Advice to Regulate Cortisol Levels?

Hi CT, I hope you are well?

I have posted a few times on your forum regarding “burn out” from gymming for only a week or two, effectively burning through my energy reserves before crashing and having to “catch my breath” for an equal or longer time before getting back into the gym…

To recap, I am on TRT, T3 and Bvit (12 & Complex)

To see if there is another part of the puzzle, I have diurnal salivary cortisol tests done and have received the test results and from what I can glean…my cortisol levels (or lack thereof) can be part of the problem.

08:00 AM - 5.3 nmol/l (Range 2.76 - 40.7) (Optimal - 18 - 35)
12:00 AM - 2.5 nmol/l (Range 2.76 - 15) (Optimal - 6 - 12)
16:00 PM - 1.0 nmol/l (Range < 11.1 (WHAT?)) (Optimal - 4 - 8)
23:00 PM - 1.1 nmol/l (Range < 11.1 (WHAT?)) (Optimal - 2 - 6)

DHEA-S - 4.54 umol/L (Range 3.8 - 13.1 umol/L) (possibly depressed due to TRT?)
S-Aldosterone - 118 pmol/L (Range 70 - 1066 pmol/L)

So, everything is low in range. From my studies on the interwebz, even though I am technically in range on everything, I am far below optimal levels…

Unfortunately the lab did not make any comments as to the results, hence my posting here.

I was hoping that you might have some exercise and nutritional / supplement advice on how I can attempt to restore my cortisol levels and pattern before considering a more radical approach such as HC therapy.

NCT training comes to mind, but when (time of day) and how often, and how many times a day? And for how long? Keep in mind that NCT has tended to wind / wipe me out in the past (doing too much I suppose)

It is my understanding that a high insulinogenic diet will also depress cortisol, so I guess I should go high protein, high fat, ULC whilst I am rehabilitating my cortisol levels? (although, having energy to do ANY exercise on this diet could pose a problem for me)

As for restoring the diurnal cycle and levels themselves wrt supplements I have no idea, would you be able to give guidance?

I hope that you or any body here with concrete experience would be able to help, as I hold your advice in high esteem.

Thanks in advance for your help.