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Cstan097's Training Log - fit by 2022


bw 203
cal 1548
p 166
c 116
f 49
had a 3 m&ms

Deadlift 315 lb 5 sets of 3- 2 min rest

  • deadlifts trashed my lats. That was about all I could manage for today. Going to try to work up to 10 sets if I can.
  • I am about done with dieting at 1500. Feeling like bumping it up just a couple of hundred calories might give me just what I need to feel like I can keep going.
  • going to really try to get some sort of conditioning in tomorrow

Edit did a sixth set much later.



clean and push press away
155lb 5 sets of 3 (2 min rest)

  • Shoulders are trashed. Thought this would be light but definitely felt it. Also noticed I struggled even with this weight to lock out well on some. Might need more tricep work.
  • Life is getting stressful and I am fighting the urge to throw in trash and alcohol like I usually do as seen lately on the food log. Had 2 seltzers today. Hitting my fucking calories though if that matters.

edit: I do plan on adding more exercises in on these heavier days but for now this is the volume I want to start with.



day 16/30
bw 201.6
cal 2700
p 127
c 324
f 105

Today was just bad. Started off bad because like always I didn’t plan ahead for being in the office and basically turned today into a cheat day because by the time 6 rolled around I had pretty much had enough. Still at 1650 or so for weekly calories and the week before was 1500 so still on track. I think 30 days is not going to be enough for what I want but I think I am just going to have to take a break at 2000 or so once it is over for a little while.


Another bad day. I decided to quit and just bulk and cut till I hit where I wanted to be but I have just come so far losing weight and I am hoping another 5 to 10 lb will make a big difference. I ate terribly today though. I have to start making room for Conditioning though. Instead of trying to fit it in on days devoted to it I am just going to try to add in 10 to 20 minutes at the end of my workouts and if I can one day devoted to Conditioning.



front squats 175 x 10,6,5
rdl 235 x 10,6,5
3 rir

Note 14 min for the above

sled a la @SvenG I suppose. 5 laps ~45 ft with sled + 160lb (sled is tiny so doesn’t weigh much I am sure) timer didn’t set properly.
kept this low rest. Just enough to catch my breath. Killer after leg day but adds in some work I think. Going to work up to heavier weight on one day with minimal rest and a few sets and 10 sets with more rest on another. Today was just about blowing a gasket with what I could manage.

My mother in law was over from 6.5 hours away and so the wife and I decided on an unplanned date and I don’t even think I could guess the calories. Still deciding my approach though. I think movement is going to be the answer with a more moderate calorie intake but idk.

Hoping to hit 185 for 15 on front squat in a few weeks and really up the volume too. RDL I am hoping for maybe 245 for 14.


So I have decided after a few days that I am just going to shoot for maintenance at 205 lb ( I think 2500 to 2700 cal but we will see) for a while then get back at it later. I need a break. Also going to work my way up to 20 min of conditioning every workout day and one ruck a week for 1 to 1.5 hours if I can fit that in. If this means I have to cut out some lifts then that is fine but to be honest most of the time I finish lifting in around 40 to 45 min so I think I can manage fitting in 20 more.



My wife wasn’t feeling well so I put the kids to bed by myself (which is when I work out normally) which is like a 3 hour endeavor of feeding them, brushing their teeth and getting them settled . Got in overhead strict press. Will try to do more today.

sohp 95x 11, 9, 7, 5

3 rir


Hope your wife gets better!

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Thanks man. She is ok. It wasn’t an illness or anything. Just a long day.

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I just wanted to say this because I took it for granted at the time since I was in a hurry, but dude that is really kind and I appreciate it.

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Doesn’t matter how jacked you are if you’re dead inside!! Hope the break is nice and gives you a good reset!

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Thanks man!


deadlift 315 for 6 sets of 3 (1-2 min rest)

back was fried. Planned on doing sandback over shoulder but did not feel like I could manage that safely. Maybe sled next time? I am already wanting to diet again lol. Going to wait to make sure I am actually ready again.



Clean and push press away 155 x 5 sets of 3 reps rest varied

Was hoping for 6 sets but last set was a struggle actually. Also meant to do Conditioning after along with some more work but my son wanted me to put him to bed in his room which means I am going to be here all night lol. I’ll try to see if I can squeeze something in tomorrow.


My wife just gave me the greatest news. Since the kids will both be in school next fall she said I could apply for my local universities for my phd. Now I just have to hope they will accept me as a part time student.


It says on their website that they accept part time students! Now I have less than one year to get jn the best shape of my life so I can have room to maintain if necessary and not feel like crap.


Nothing like a good goal!!

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That’s awesome news man!!! Congratulations

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Do you feel like the problems in industry are as interesting as academia? How do the two compare? I like the idea of the freedom to work on whatever I want but from what I understand to get a good position at a good school you need to have gone to an even better school which means for me possibly living in a more expensive area with lower pay for a while but if I try to stay in industry it might be a little easier(and I hear the pay is way better) since I already have experience working in industry for a high end company. Just wondering the pros and cons.

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