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Cstan097's Training Log - fit by 2022

I do love some turkey but I had to change it up and I haven’t found any responsibly sourced turkey yet around my area.

I feel that. I had to get away from ground Turkey, hate chicken breast, and I think I’ve eaten enough 5 day old steak to stay away from that for a while. It’s a shame food is so important lol

right? I was doing shakes for my protien but even that got old fast. Now my belly gets sick and it isn’t from a lactose intolerance or anything. I think I have found a way of eating that is sustainable for me for a while though. Protein is the biggest hardship and I basically just rotate it every few weeks to keep it fresh. I would like to do it every meal but dang that is a lot of meal prep lol.


egg whites in the carton. 460 grams of liquid equals 50 grams of protein. scrambled takes 5 minutes to eat.

You can put it in shakes, oatmeal, or scramble them. Or if you are brave just drink it. I can’t, to close to snot.

I get the ones with added color, so they look like eggs with yolk.


yeah I do this too plus a few of whole eggs for added flavor and choline. Mine normally takes longer to make because I cook up a few cups of spinach and mushrooms to get my daily veggies but I might just cook that in bulk in the oven and throw it in at the end to heat it up so it goes faster.

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I Cook enough meat for three days at a time. Saves a lot of headache

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Great progress man, you can see loads of difference between the two photos. Nice work

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I just can’t take reheated meat right now. Been doing it with chicken for months and now I need some fresh out of the pan steak to break it up. Eventually I will go back to that though.

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Thanks man! Hoping I can see some real ab definition in 12 to more 18 lb.

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Looking awesome bro!!!

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thanks dude!

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Pullups with red band 10,6,5,5
rows 165 x 10 x 4 sets
controlled shrugs 155 x 10 x 4 sets
bb curls 45 x 13,12,10,12
wrist curls 45 x 12,20,20,20
second session
front squats 145 x 10 x 3 sets a few reps in reserve
rdl 215 x 10 x 3 sets
bulgarian split squat 15 lb x 10 x 3 sets each leg

when I switched to dieting hard again I just noticed I hit a wall with heavy weights so I lowered the weight to switch it up and eek out some more gains in a different rep range. Also some size would be nice, especially on my arms and legs. The fucking pump with this kind of training is so fucking real since I never do it. Especially for legs. I pretty much have to go lay down starfish style to keep from cramping too much. Also should note another reason for having to drop the weights on front squat from what I was using is now I am basically going as low as I possibly can without falling over to get a good pump in my legs. It really works.

I noticed the band didn’t help with pullups much. Chinups I can usually do 8 or so. Might go to blue band to get more reps.



207.5 bodyweight 35 in waist.
Losing like crazy now again. The first time I was dieting I was doing 1500 cal and losing this much working out full body 3x per week with some conditioning. Now somehow I am at 2100 cal for the past 20 days not able to keep my conditioning up and just doing PPL once a week and have lost 6 lb and 1.5 inches. Whatever is going on, glad it is working for now. Going to really try to work in more conditioning and lifting sessions next week.


So a couple of goals for the next couple of months (November 15th).
Front squats 205 x 10
Romanian Deadlift 285 x 10
strict press 115 x 10
bodyweight 195
2x per week on sled. (maybe on upper body days?)
Gonna try to stick to them this time lol.


So I might have a problem leaning out. My wife has mentioned this before but we were talking about how lean I want to get and she is absolutely disgusted by the thought of me getting that lean. To be honest my comfort level is just lean enough where I can get rid of the extra fat I have on my belly, love handles, and chest. The extra is just so I have some wiggle room to gain some muscle and also in hopes that it will make gaining muscle easier but I would not want that to be at the expense of her attraction to me so not really sure what to do here.

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I’d guess one of two things is going on.

  1. She loves you and your body now and has never found muscles attractive. That will probably change because now it’s YOU and not some random guy. If this is the case I’d ride it out while comforting her and maybe not telling her just how lean you want to be?

  2. She might feel insecure about you getting even sexier and leaving her for the hot personal assistant at the gym who helps you stretch :joy:.

I’d say keep going with what you want and just be open to her desires and thoughts as you change.
The girl I just broke up with hated muscles and gym bros, but guess what… as time went on she really liked my muscles… still wasn’t a fan of others, but because it was now on ME she liked it. Just my .02


yeah might be something like that.

@ejones1 lol oh I saw that. not fooling anyone hahaha.

Nah I love my wife and she is super supportive but she also tells me like it is and she just doesn’t care for lean guys. I think that is because most people she sees though are just skinny all around and with muscle it is totally a different look though but my end goal was never to be super lean anyways. Just strong and big as fuck. The lean part is just so I have some room to grow back up and hopefully it helps the weight gained be more muscle but wtf do I know anyways besides if I grind enough hopefully it should all pan out lol.



Ohp 95x 10,8,7,5
bench 135x11,9,8,7
oh tricep extention 45 x 10,10,10
bb curl 45x 12,10,11

upright rows 45 x 10,8,8
muscle snatch 45x 6,6,6
wrist curls 55x 15,13,13,13

Shot for 3 RIR for all sets and I think I got pretty close idk.
I think I did 4 sets for all exercises and didn’t write it down for some reason but these are the reps to beat next time. Felt a good pump on most of the exercises. Bench really suffers after OHP but it will get put first on Sunday to make up for it. Higher reps is a whole different ballpark for me for sure.

edit: Day after notes. Only my chest was sore a little which is weird because it was the lightest relative weight used because of ohp first.



pullups 2x blue band(different kind of band though) 7, 6,5,2
rows 165 x 10,7,7,7
lateral raise with pause (~1sec) 15lb x 8,8,8,7
“slow” shrug 155x 7,7,7,6
oh tricep extention 45 x 10,11,10
bb curls 45 x 10,10,10

3 RIR about for all.
I really don’t feel like the bands help much on pullups since I feel weaker at the top somehow but idk. I think sets are about right for starters for all except arms. Adding 1 next week to all except 2 for arms.

edit: not sore at all so likely need more sets here.