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Cstan097's Training Log - fit by 2022

Thought I would share my giant egg, mushroom, spinach and cheese breakfast burrito that has only 380 cal. I look forward to this thing every day I decide to make it.


16 July 2021
5am wake up
218.6 lb bodyweight
39.5 in waist

Power cleans 135 lb x 5 sets x 3 reps (need form work on these)
Rows 165 lb x 5, 12, 10 ( warmup more!)

As many rounds as possible in 15 min (10 rounds)
5 kb swings 70 lb
5 supine rows (name?)

Underhand rows 165 lb x 10, 7, 5

Barbel curls 65 lbx 5, 3, 2

46 min for the above

A sad attempt at running. Did intervals for a few sets 1 min on q min off and gased out. Calves were destroyed and had a terrible stich in my side so I just walked the rest. Will get there eventually.


17 July 2021

Forgot to post this yesterday. Slept past my alarm so was short on time.

27 min weighted walk 40 lb at 16:27 pace.

Also got a fitbit that calculates calories burned based on heartrate. It likely isn’t 100 % accurate but I don’t think anything regarding calories is. I think it is a good place to start though. I am going to try to shoot for 2500 kcal a day burned total. This time was around that. With my eating at 1500 kcal this would put me in a 1000 kcal deficit, so should be losing 2 lb a week.


18 July 2021

Weekly summary: lost 2.5 lb this week. This was faster than intended so I feel like I might have some room to dial it back. Started upping fiber this week and have pretty consistently hit 35 g. Got 3 servings of veggies in since I started and 2 servings of fruit. Also got a sugar free creamer recently which allows me to indulge my caffeine addiction without the extra added sugar and has dropped intake a good bit. Also found a sugar free barbecue sauce which is nice since it adds a good bit of flavor to my chicken which I usually keep bland and dry and have to swap out for other protiens regularly. This is good since I actually like that chicken is the cheapest. Only two days into the newer schedule so still yet to be seen how it will go. Pretty excited for lifting days though which feels like it may be a problem lol. Usually when I feel like this I end up doing something stupid like lifting every day so hopefully I can find a way to curb that.

Today: got in my 2500 kcal burned by 4:30 pm ish with around 4 miles walked throughout the day. I feel that was a little too easy though since only 1.2 miles was intended so I have a feeling I will likely have to bump this up once I get enough days in to know my weekly average. Still as an engineer it is always fun to geek out over new data even if it is biased.

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19 July 2021

Woken up by kid’s walkie talkie going off and couldn’t get good sleep after that. Started workout at 5:30 and had to cut some stuff out.

squat 265 x 6,3,3
press 125 x 5,3,0

4 rounds in 15:40
6 reps each leg of “walking lunges” with 115 (no room to really walk just alternate)
5 bench dips
5 burpees (with jump)

27 close push ups (failure) since I ran out of time

Here was my grind of a squat. Maybe could have gotten 1 more if I had a power rack or a spot but I can’t ditch the weight with the car behind me lol. Want to work on depth on next set. Debating on whether or not I should go up.


20 July 2021

5 am wakeup

Deadlift 265 x 7
rows 170 x 12, 10, 10

as many rounds as possible in 12 min
10 30 lb ball slams
5 negative towel pullups

7 rounds

then barbell curls 45 lb x 6, 7, 7 (arms were fried)

ok so they were supposed to be regular towel pullups but after the rows I couldn’t get more than 1 so I did negatives.

I am losing weight rather fast and my legs were fried from yesterday so leaving out the runs for now.

edit: Also wanted to note I am at 39 inch waist from 41 a month ago. Also down to 216.4 from 226 a month ago and 235-240 ish being my all time highest last year.


21 July 2021

5 am wake up

56 min weighted walk (40 lb) 3.33 mi or so

Boy am I sore from the last few days.


22 July 2021

5 am wakeup

squat 270 lb x 4, 3, 2
bench 195 lb x 8, 5, 5

sprints around 25 yds x 7

Really felt fatigued today and every rep was a slow grind. Going to wait it out another week but I might need to change something to recover better. We will see. Maybe making one of my squat days a light day or reducing the number of metcons for more walking? If weight loss is fast enough, I may even be able to add in more food.

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23 July 2021

Messed up today thinking I could sleep in and get this one workout in later in the day. Not doing that again. Just did chinups.

Chjnups 6,4,4

These were sad.

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24 July 2021

weight this morning was 215.2 lb. Down about 5.5 lb from two weeks ago so losing around 2-3 lb a week. Body fat is around 24% from caliper and navy test so at least 20 lb to go before I think I will change anything drastically and start doing more strength geared stuff. I am wanting it to be more around 2 lb per week so I might do another week of this and adjust if it is a little high by adding calories in slowly. Still eating around 1500 cal a day.

26 July 2021

5 am wakeup 5:15 workout

270 lb x 5
245 lb x 5

125 lb x 5
115 lb x 5

2 rounds in 14 min. (time limit was 15 min)
10 thrusters 95 lb
10 alternating lunges each leg 95 lb
10 rows 95 lb
20 pushups

I need to get my conditioning up. Thrusters and lunges absolutely wiped the floor with me. giving myself a cheat day on Sunday, changing up some exercises on the second half of the week for better recovery and trying to make sure I can work in running somehow.