CSR side affect?

So I have done one cycle last year of enanthate with 0 issues

This time around increasing the dosage (only second week in) I’m getting a blurred vision in one eye… went to eye doc he is saying it’s most likely csr… I google it and one symptom is a rare side affect using testosterone. Anyone ever heard of this? Scares me and I’m ready to just trt for good now.


I would message him but for some reason this form does not let me reply or message anybody

I have stopped by cycle hoping it clears up. When I was doing 250cc twice a week I had no issues… I’m doing .78 twice a week and this started happening so perhaps it’s too much I don’t know… but stopping hoping this will clear it up

Yeah seems like something you should look out for and maybe reconsider your cycle. Not familiar with CSR but if you’ve looked it up, I’d take it seriously.

From memory didn’t @Professor_Hulk experience this or something similar, on I want to say nandralone? I think he recovered? If he’s still around might have some insight.

Only time I get blurred vision is when my FT:E2 ratio gets too low (for me). Around 1:2 FT:E2 or lower, I start to get a lot of sides like edema, fatigue, depression, blurry vision, headaches, and poor erections. Without fail, if I lower my dose to stop aromitizing so much, or take a very small amount of anastrozole (.25mg), the sides go away.

Not saying this is your situation. Just sharing my experience because I was tagged. Hope it helps.

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I’ve had it several times. It gets better.

It is also caused by stress.