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CSP3 By Cytodyne Technologies

Hi Guys,

Need a little help here…

I understand Biotest has stopped production of Myostat but it was formerly partners with Pinnacle and Cytodyne Tech regarding this product. My question: is the CSP-3 product by them worth the trouble getting?

I now have a chance of getting them at a (cut)price of approx. USD45/- (vs undiscounted USD143 previously). Would the product be exactly the same as Myostat? Or would Cytodyne’s product not meet label claims etc?

Thanks in advance!


dont waste your money on that stuff

I had pretty good results with Myostat, but I’ve never used Cytodyne’s product.

[quote]ozwingchun wrote:
dont waste your money on that stuff[/quote]

Not so fast. Some people actually have pretty good results with CSP3. CSP3 DOES bind to myostatin, and some people will get pretty good results with it. Others won’t. But I guess that’s true for a lot of supplements.

I know a few people that experience a very marked difference in their ability to build muscle mass when they are on CSP3 – especially people that were sedentary when they were growing up, but have now been training for several years – while others seem to be non-respondents to it.

I’ve also heard that it also works very well when combined with gear.

If you have been training for a long time, but only started after you stopped growing up, my advice is to try a bottle and see what your results are, especially if you can combine it with Carbolin 19.