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I searced around a bit on T-Nation here and i couldnt find much about it, CSP-3 that is, nothing but its pretty new and promisising has anyone used it?, anyone know of any side effects? if its safe to use or not.?
Thanks for your time

Biotest’s CSP-3 product was Myostat. It looks like it’s been discontinued since it’s been out of stock for ages.

Part 1 of the Myostat article disappeared but both parts can be found at Biotest’s main website:

This article:


indicates that 9 Olympic athletes who used CSP-3 gained 3 times more lean mass (13.67 lb versus 4.4 lb) than the other 9 Olympic athletes who took a placebo after 60 days.

In this article:


Tim Patterson states that 1 gram per day is sufficient to bind myostatin.

Try a search in the archives for the word Myostat.

It is a great supp that Biotest discontinued about 6 months back. It’s pretty scarce now.

I really liked it, I have taken it about 18 months now.

Who knows, Biotest may reformulate it and bring it back in a year or so.

[quote]Atreides wrote:

I really liked it, I have taken it about 18 months now.


Since Myostat has been discontinued, which brand have you been taking? I really like to give CSP-3 a try. Would you also please give some details of your experience with CSP-3? What is it that it’s doing for you that you think it’s a good supplement? Thnaks.

Does anyone know why Biotest discontinued Myostat?

Citodyne (sp)and Pinacle still make products with CSP-3 in it. As I recall they were the only companies, besides Biotest, that had the rights to produce it, all the others were selling crap products. I am sure people will jump on me if I got that worng :).

I am curious if people noticed gains while only taking Myostat and not stacking it with an androgen or t-booster? I took it for a while and gained around 10lbs of LBM, and it seemed like I kept that weight even after slacking off from the gym. It seemed to increase my base musculature if that makes any sense, creating a new fall back point above where I started.


In the study with the olympic athletes being given the CSP-3, how much were they given? I certainly hope Biotest Re-releases this with the new nanodispersion delivery system! I think they were really on to something with the csp-3. I dont think the half-life was ever determined exactly, or at least it wasnt given to us if they did know. Imagine if it was only a few hours, and with a new delivery system, and a little chemical restructuring they could extend it to 24 hours!! Then it might have the effect they originally wanted it to have on us T-folks… I find it hard to believe that they threw it away for good, I have a feeling ( and certainly am hoping ) they are going to bring this back some day with an improved version. What do you guys think?

I got a message from customer servie saying the plans were to reformulate it or repackage it. I think the reason it was discontinued was it didnt sell too well. People expected MAG-10 type results, when the two supps were VERY different. I took it over a summer, and my workout schedule was sketchy at best. My average, shitty workout schedule body weight had remained constant for years before that summer. I was up 20 lbs of body mass afterwards, with quite a bit more muscle. I’d use it again.

You might want to look at this abstract.


Yep, this study is interesting, but the problem I think lies in the fact that they did the testing on untrained males

We all know that beginners will respond to ANYTHING.

Hence, what we MIGHT be seeing here is muscle growth due to being a beginner greatly being surpassed by the possible growth of muscle due to myostatin.

But I’m certainly no expert in this.

However, it would be extremely nice for Biotest to give their comments about this, and whether they plan on introducing it sometimes soon.


[quote]tall tom wrote:
You might want to look at this abstract.

I tried Cytodyne’s CSP-3 about a year ago. A $90 mistake, luckily GNC (I was young) gave me money back after I showed them the rashes the stuff gave me. On both of my shoulders my skin got dry, scaly, and tough. I couldn’t cut through the skin with a knife! They went away after I discontinued the supplement.