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CSCS Visit Coming Up

After a while of befriending and talking to many coaches, trainers, and PT’s I’m going off to some nice facilities nearby and spending some time to talk with and learn from some up and coming local CSCS’s.

I’ve been given a few basics to read up on and look through:

Works of Sue Falsone

NSCA site

Book, Essentials of Strength Trainging and Conditioning

There are some points I’ve argued with some of the people I’ve met, one in particular being the ATG squat, so I’m not sure whether looking up things they handed off to me were worth while, credible or any good. Any advice and opinions would be appreciated.

Any coaches, others anyone? no suggested reads or anything?

You for or against? Nothing you argue really matters…CSCS’s like any other cert are pretty subjective. They are required to know much more science than most other certs. Learn the science, gain experience, then decide what you want to implement. Oh yeah…read everything you can get your hands on

hey guys!

seems some of you have good knowledge about cscs.

i have a question about it: Can you get your cscs, even if you do not live in the USA?

is there any way of getting it “over-the-internet”?

They claim to be an international organization, but apparently all their testing is done in the US. Go to nsca-cc.org to find more answers.

I’m for ATG squat and i’m reading most of what i can grab onto, but I guess according to some of these guys the Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning is like the begginer’s bible to them, it’s a hefty read but it’ll do a damn good job if you can grasp it.