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CSCS Trainers with Injury Specialization?


I'm looking for a trainer or specialist with backgrounds similar to trainers like Eric Cressey, Mike Robertson, Bill Hartman, etc. in the NYC area. Does anyone know of any trainers or a site that lists such trainers in NYC?


If you visit the NSCA website, there should be a directory of CSCS in your neck of the woods. If not, there should be a contact number/email.

I have a high degree of respect for guys with CSCS such as Reinold, Cressey, and Ranfone (if you haven't had a chance, you should read the articles he posted on this site).

That said, I have no doubt they will tell you that attaining a CSCS will not automatically make anyone a first rate coach. It's what each individual does as far as continuing education coupled with a desire to be great that sets them apart from the confederacy of dunces.

I currently hold NASM CPT, CES, PES as well as the FMS (Functional Movement System) certs.

I am also getting ready for my CSCS exam NOT because the information from the NSCA is so profound (in fact, much of the info in the textbook is embarrassingly outdated).

No, I've decided to obtain my CSCS because so many well-respected coaches and PTs (such as Mike Reinold) have it. Therefore, the PERCEPTION is that someone with a CSCS resides in some lofty perch. And, as anyone in marketing will tell you - one's perception is his reality.

The CSCS can open some doors that otherwise may remain closed. Of course, once I'm in, I'll have to prove myself - which I have no problem doing.

I'm sure you know this but for those who don't: NO cert or degree automatically makes anyone intelligent, insightful, and caring. For example, we've all met our share of idiots with MDs or PhDs.

So how do you or anyone else know that he's dealing with the real deal and not some bozo who is just good at memorizing text and passing an exam...?

Simple - ask for references (the more the better) and actually follow up.


I fully understand. I worked as an xray tech for a few months before switching careers and i worked in medical records for 2 years. More importantly, ive been to chiros, PTs, and MDs that told me lifting weights is dangerous stick to leg extensions and leg curls. -_-

I live in NYC. I have medicaid right mow. The options for a healthcare professional with a specialty in strength training is hard to find. I mean i know some doctors that work with the Yankees AND the Knicks but they only take cash upfront and that visit is like $750. Im just looking for a relevant professional to assess my scapula and my right leg so that i can lift again.


I would just go to Mike Reinold's site and send him an email. Describe your circumstances and ask if he knows anyone who fits the bill. The worst thing that can happen is he'll ignore you (I'd be pretty surprised if he did). He's on the east coast so he should be able to provide some names. Obviously, you should still ask for references.


I'll give it a try, but I've PMed Mike Robertson and Bret Contreras and haven't heard back. Thanks for the advice.


^^^Another poster on this site had a rather unpleasant experience with Robertson. I realize that there's always three sides to every story (the two opposing and, somewhere in between, the truth). However, there is always the chance that it might be credible. As I wrote in that thread, many of the "stars" in this or any other industry know that they can piss off a certain number of people and it won't matter one bit.

See the 8/22/11 post by MaydayMayday


As for Bret, he's currently down in NZ right now. Furthermore, when he was in the States, he was in Arizona. I realize the internet makes geographical distance less relevant. However, there is still something to be said about face time. This is why I recommended Reinold, Ranfone, Cressey.