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CSCS Test?

I was a little unsure where to place this post, but I am contemplating testing for my CSCS. I do have a degree, but it is not in Strength and Conditioning or E.S. However, I consider myself to be well read and have surrounded myself with intelligent trainers. Unfortunately, I have taken only two semesters of anatomy and physiology in college.

Can anyone offer a little advice on what would prepare me for this test, or tell me I’m crazy for thinking I can even pass the test?

I have a BS in engineering with no prior formal anatomy education and I’m doing just fine studying for it. The NSCA has packages of study materials, available on their website, to assist you in test prep. They are pricy but were worth it for me since I have no background in the area. They may be worth it for you, too, because their “right way” is not always consistent with what I have learned through years of gym experience and informal study. Nevertheless, their “right way” is undoubtedly what will be on the exam.

At the least, I would suggest the Fundamentals text and a few practice exams to get a feel for the material and to get a read on where you’re at in terms of knowledge.

Hope that helps.

you’re not crazy for thinking you can pass it.

but i would read the book a few times, and really brush up on your anatomy and physiology.

wish I had taken the test right out of college, now 2.5 yrs later, i’m sure there’s plenty I would miss on the physiology part that really doesn’t matter when it comes to training people.

good luck, like mentioned get the study materials and put in the time. at least you’re allowed a re-test so don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

is there a reason you’re going for the CSCS, besides it being one the most highly respected?
if you’re worried about it, you could just take their CPT one, unless you plan on working specifically with athletes, then the CSCS is the way to go.

Like the others said, if you have a decent background and you put some time into the textbook, you should do fine. They charge a lot for the practice tests as I recall but taking one a week before is worth it to see where you are and what more you need.

I didn’t have an Exercise Science degree and easily passed my CSCS exam. Anything found in the Foundamental of Strength and Conditioning textbook could be on the test, so just keep reading and studying the textbook until you know it inside out. Treat it like any other University course. The practise tests were helpfull too. Also, the exam doesn’t ask very demanding exercise physiology questions (the first section of the text), but there were lots of questions about gym design and ethics (the last chapters of the text). Hope that helps.