CSCS Study Partner?

Is anyone in the Houston, Texas area studying for the CSCS exam?

I am, and if you are, maybe we could study together.

No, but studying in NY…Internet study buddy maybe?

I’m in Houston and need to get recertified. PM me and let’s see if we can help each other. What materials do you have? Do you have a test date?

Good luck with the test guys.

Old post, but wondering if you guys used any of the study guides for the test?

Did you find that all the needed info is in the textbook? Or should I also pick up the resistance training book as well. I’m pretty green to all this.


Just read the book front to back, study the concepts you don’t really understand(mine was the sprinting mechanics).

Everything is in the book. My test was on some of the 2nd edition stuff(I had the third edition), but it was a hard test nonetheless.

Really really study the exercise science portion. That is the test most people fail on their first time.

Good luck!!!