CSCS Practical

Hello, all. I’m taking the CSCS at the end of April. Can any current CSCS people share what the practical portion was like, please? Thanks!

The practical section contains questions ranging from program design, exercise technique to organization and administration (facilities) to testing and evaluation. Most of the exam is made up of basic recall type questions. The practical section also has about a bunch of questions pretaining to video analysis of exercise technique. Just read “Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning” a couple times and you will be fine. You must read that book for best results, you probably already have it. If not order it off their site

Steve, thank you very much for the feedback. That is exactly what I was looking for (and what I wanted to hear). Yes, I have the book and already feel very comfortable with it…looks like everything should go great.

You might also consider ordering a copy of the CSCS practice exam from NSCA or Human Kinetics. The practice test comes with a video of exercise demonstrations related to some of the questions, similar to what you will see during the CSCS test. This will give you an idea of what to expect. It’s not too hard. In addition, the practice exam has a form that you can send in for CEUs after you pass the exam.

I agree with all of them. Just to reminder to get enough sleep! Beacause the written part kind of drains you then you have to watch the video and be focus on that so it can be draining… So get enough sleep and eat a good hearty breakfest to get you going… And the other advise is do read into the question to deeply. It is hard but not as hard as you think.

Also remember to review the facility chapter on setting up a sports specific ceter there is a section on that. Remeber the numbers that are in that section also like how high should the celling be, where the trainer office should be how far equipment be placed ect…

Good luck on the test… It is hard but not as hard as you might think…