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have any of you guys taken and passed the Certified Strength and Conditionig Specialist exam given by the NSCA? If so, how do the practice tests correlate to the actual exam? I have done pretty well on the practice test and want to know how similar they are. I'm new to this site and looking for some info. Thanks



If you did well on the practice then you should do fine on the actual test. It's a pretty easy test if you have your fundamentals down and you give their textbook a skim beforehand.


Just took and passed the test about 3 months ago. It took about 6 weeks to get the results.

Etaco's advice is sound, you'll want the textbook and to take a couple of practice tests ahead of time to get used to the format. The test was VERY heavy on aerobic exercise metabolism and plyometrics. The video portion is very simple (there were questions on wrist curls and DB flys), if you have any kind of exercise background you'll be fine.


Thanks, I have the textbook and have looked through it a number of times.