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CSCS Exam Q's

Just wondering has anyone got information on the type of questions on the CSCS exam? Some of the sample questions listed on the nsca website are:

1.Nervousness irritability, increased body temperature, muscle tremors, increased heart rate and palpitations are all common side effects of consuming which of the following substances?

2.What is the MINIMUM amount of carbohydrates that a 132-pound (60-kg)competitive Olympic triathlete should consume on a daily basis?

3.A college baseball player was tested ten weeks before the start of the season with these results:
1RM bench press:
275 pounds (125kg)

Vertical jump:
24 inches(61cm)

11.6 seconds

40-yard sprint:
4.8 seconds

1 minute sit-up:

Which of the following need to be improved in the pre-season training program?

Are these questions a good reflection of the type of questions on the CSCS exam?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Those are the types of questions on there, I just had to recertify a couple weeks ago. There was a lot of questions like that last one. They’d give you an athlete’s numbers on various speed, strength, and power tests and ask you where they’re deficient. I don’t remember any specific questions, but know what physiological adaptations result from cardio vs. strength training. A lot of questions are asking similar things, just posed differently.

thanks for the info. i have a decent knowledge of strength & conditioning and have read supertraining and the likes, but found some of these questions fairly tough, like q’s about substances etc. would reading essentials of strength and conditioning be sufficient to pass in your opinion, obviously also having a decent understanding of strength and conditioning. how difficult is the test to pass, do many fail do you know?

Thanks again.