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CSCS Exam Help

I’m studying for the CSCS exam, using Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning (second edition, 2000), can anyone tell me if the info in this book will help me with the exam? Or do I need to get the newest edition? I’d be interested to know what some of you guys who are certified found useful to study.

I’ve been concentrating on the study questions and applied knowledge problems at the ends of the chapters. I’m not planning on working in the industry, I just have an interest from my own training and reading T-Nation.

I’m a registered nurse and I also have a BA in psychology from a university, so I think I have an OK background as far as studies. Please PM me if you have any audio tapes/CDs you’d be willing to sell.

Hey Hog: Your posting gave me a bit of a fright there, as I’ve been studying the text off and on for a few months, with an eye towards taking the exam in the fall.

ESSENTIALS 2nd EDITION (2000) is still the one they’re selling on the site as exam prep–so I’m assuming that’s the one that the exam is still based on! Let me know if you find out differently, because I’ve already studied A LOT and I’d hate to have to unlearn all that stuff.

Dense book. A fair amount of info in there that has come under question lately, but my understanding is that you gotta tow the company line and answer what’s in the book.

There’s a thread on JPFItness about CSCS exam prep with plenty of entries from guys who’ve taken it. SOunds like a tough but fair exam–cram the book into your brain and you’ll be good. Your science background will help too! Good luck


I couldn’t afford to buy the book new- coming from the library I figured it would be out of date since they like to change textbooks every third day and on full moons. This is good news, now I at least know I’m studying the right material, thanks for the reply! Anyone in NC getting ready for the CSCS test?