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CS vs Liberals

I want to congratulate Chris on the recent atomic dog piece! Man…he hit it on the money regarding how myself and most T-men feel about the war on terror…freedom…and defending a righteous cause. Something that the liberals don’t seem to be able to grasp. They would rather sit back…get fat, weak and complacent!

Congrats Chris…job well done!

Chris already explained in the “Chrises article” post that his column wasn’t about the war, but about self-defense on a personal level, not being a passive victim etc.

I agree with you by the way, great article, but I don’t want the liberals and America haters jumping in and making this another “we hate the USA” thread when the article wasn’t even about that kind of thing.

Paul T
…and I agree with you…i made no mention at all of the war in Iraq. I mentioned the war on terror. Its obviously applicable as he mentioned 9/11 over and over again…

This is starting to annoy me. What’s up with all the liberal bashing? Just because someone is liberal doesn’t mean that they don’t support the war and our troops. I don’t particularly like Bush, but I think he’s done a solid job with the war on terrorism and Iraq. Please don’t classify all liberals by the actions or speeches of these war protestors. There are plenty of patriotic liberal Americans.

If we used the same assumptions about conservatives, then one would have to assume that all conservatives are gun toting, white supremacists. This isn?t an accurate description of conservatives.

Bash the people who don?t want to stand up for themselves or their country all you want, please just don?t lump all liberals into the same category.