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CS: V-Diet & New Supplements

The V-Diet was introduced a while back and now there are different supplements avaliable that I would assume you recommend, such as Flameout, Superfood, etc.

Is there anyone here that has reconstructed the V-Diet, hopefully CS to the “newer version.” I was unfamiliar how many Flameout pills equate to 21 salmon oil pills and how they should be spread out over the day. In the original article mostly all the ingredients say “spread through the day” with the exception being salmon oil. I would assume that you don’t take all of them in the morning but who knows.

I also had a question about protein shake consumption. Am I supposed to be consuming 5 shakes a day and putting the appropriate number of scoops in to equate to my daily calorie intake or do I spread out the calories through more shakes with an equal number per “meal.”

Thank you