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CS: No Way This Pic Is Real, Is It?


Chris, Is this a real "before & after" or are you just messing around with photos of you girlfriends?

If it was real, how long did that take?


IIRC her name is Pam Brown, and it is real. She started off doing multiple body for life challenges. I'm not sure how she went after that. If you do a google search on Pam Brown Transformation, you would be able to find a bunch of stuff. Her story is amazing.


Kudos to Pam for her hard work ... but she definitely had some surgical help along the way. There is no way she got her abs/midsecion that tight without some help. I realize that human skin is very elastic, but it ain't THAT elastic.

Mind you, I'm not saying she didn't earn that physique or that she had liposuction, I'm just saying she had some cosmetic work done to deal with excess/saggy skin issue that everyone who has undergone a drastic weight loss has to deal with.