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Crystals in Homebrew


Hi guys, quick question, here's the rundown. I'm making tren using Bill Roberts method. I do not have a magnetic plate or sonicator so I have been shaking the hell out of the vials for the last 3 days. I also added a heating step to the process prior to filtering to help break down some of the bigger particles, which worked great. For some reason, one vial is growing crystals on the glass and the other is not.

As for heating, I warmed a pot of water to 150 F and let the vials sit in the water for 10 min. I took them out with my hand and shook them lightly until they cooled then left them to settle. The next morning, one vial was growing crystals, and the other, nothing. Anyone ever have this problem before? Should I throw it out or would it be fine after filtering?



How many grams of tren were you using in how many MLs of oil? Were you using regular wesson oil or something else?


All that crystals mean is that you have more TA per milligram than the oil can hold, as a result of your using the heat and not waiting to cool down and sit for a while prior to filtering.

As to why one vial may have them and the other not even though they may be at the same concentration, when there are no seed crystals present sometimes it takes considerable time, completely random, before chance allows molecules to collide together in such a way that a seed crystal results.

There was no way that reheating the filtered solution to redissolve the excess TA and then letting it cool again could have accomplished anything in any permanent way. What change could have occurred? Nothing was added or subtracted or modified.

You don’t have to bother filtering again. Just don’t pour a crystal into a syringe or draw it into one.

Yes, if you don’t have a sonicator or stir plate, then heating to a moderate temperature is helpful, but it should be allowed to sit at room temperature for a a while before filtering. A day is good. Longer lets the filler settle even better, thus making pouring off and filtering even easier.


Thank you very much for your response. I was afraid I was going to have to throw it out.

To the other person, I was using wesson and I had 2g in 25 ml of oil…Just during breakdown. I added the other 15ml of oil in syringe prior to filtering.


Your method not being clear to me, with the later addition of oil to a syringe, is it absolutely positively a fact that the two vials are the same concentration?

Is it possible that one got more of the added oil and thus may be below intended concentration?


Yes, the 2 vials were the exact same concentration and were done identically at the same time, which is what was strange to me that one formed crystals. Here was the step by step.

I had 2 screw top vials each being 30 ml. I used these to break down the pellets in oil. I emptied one cart per vial and filled each with 25 ml of oil, knowing later I would need to add an additional oil before filtering.

Shook them furiously for 3 days.

4th day warmed a pot of water to help break down remainder of particles, shook again and let settle.

5th day Check, solution still opaque almost fuzzy looking

6th day most major sediment on bottom of vial, solution slightly opaque still settling. crystals beginning to form on vial 2

About the 8th day vial one was settled enough to filter so I pulled solution into 50ml syringe then pulled clean Wesson into syringe for a total volume of 40 ml. Mixing it in the syringe.

Change needle, add .45 Whatman, inject into sterile vial. Result, very bright clear yellow. I discarded the remainder of sediment mixture as I got most of the oil out.

Did not touch vial two until today, which almost looked like a geode.


For future reference, it isn’t helpful to use less oil than required, in some plan to add it later. The correct amount should be used in the first place. However fortunately it seems you’ve gotten through it okay.


Yes, poor planning on my part when I ordered the vials, lesson learned. I really appreciate your input, thank you.


Sure thing! Glad it’s working out okay in the end.