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Crystalizing ?


I got some cyp. for a kickass price awhile back. I don't know the name off the top of my head, white and blue label all in german 200mg/10ml. Anyway, I keep it at room temp and everytime I go to use it I have to run it under hot water to de-crystalize it. I don't really mind, but is this something to be concerned about. BTW it's not painful at all.


Sounds like there isn't much solvent used to dissolve this stuff so it crystallises out a a relatively higher than normal temperature. Also taking into account that you don't get any injection pain I'd say that the BA content is low. Suppose you could add a little BA if you want but that will obviously hurt more.

Unless you have a problem with the solution recooling before you can inject it all (and blocking your needle) then carry on just warming it up.