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Crystalized DHB

So I want to try some new gear. DHB cypionate just arrived. There are some huge crystals inside vials. Do you think putting it inside some warm water should do it ? Never had issue like that. Some crystals are on upper side of the vial, on the rubber, so whole vial have to go swimming. I ques water cant be too hot for that.

I know I could just try it and not ask stupid questions, but since I registered today and got new oil, I will celebrate with new topic I say Hi to everyone.

Warm water should do it. The crystals are just the hormone that’s no longer holding within the oil. It happens sometimes, especially with certain compounds (DHB being one of them).

Thanks, I suspected this much but also worried it may be more complicated :wink:

Hot water doesn’t work at all. I will have to go harder on it or just ignore those crystals. I was bathing vials in freshly boiled water for hours. I did shot it in my ass though, DHB PIP is real, hard to sit second day and its time for another shot… I don’t think I will try it on my quads it may cripple them for few days…