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Crystal Light

I’m hooked…

I usually have a vanilla flavored protein powder, so I can flavor it how I like.

Recently I’ve been introduced to Crystal Light and I have to say I’m now taking 3-4 singles packages a day.

Apart from the apartame, could this have any type of impact on my diet. I know there are only 4-10 cals per serving, but is there a spike in insulin when taking this stuff???

If there is I’m probably riding an insulin wave all day. Anybody have input on this???


do you feel like you are? i certainly can tell when i have had too much sugar.

i have only heard (not read first-hand)that when your body tastes something sweet it will give an insulin response, but when no sugar comes i’m not quite sure what happens. i’ve heard artificial sweeteners implicated in so many health conditions that i wouldn’t recommend you use it so much. plus, if you’re that addicted to sugar/carbs then maybe you should try to take care of that before indulging in fake sugar…

Don’t know the answer, sorry. I’ve heard that you can end up getting a Pavlov response to sweet things, but I don’t know.

One thing is why do you need sweet things? That only fuels sweet cravings.

Considering the fact that each 5 calorie tub yields 2 quarts, you must be drinking out of a fuckin’ bathtub.

It’s 5 calories per serving with 24 servings in a tub, not 5 per tub.

And if you buy it in the bottle pre-mixed, the sweetener is different according to the last thread about Crystal Lite.

But I’d like to hear the experts on that taste sweet=insulin spike thing. Anything to that?

my favorite drink is crystal light and absolute.

I would limit it between meals because that could keep insulin up when you should be using fatty acids.

Also, if it’s 5 calories per serving, and you drink a jug of it, like 12 servings, that’s probably equal to 15 grams of carbohydrates, probably maltodextrin, which is high II. That could definitely have significant effects.

My bad… I misread the label and just now realized there’s more to this shit than I was aware of.

I really like taking some kool aid lemonade mix but instead of adding sugar I add some stevia, it tastes almost as good as real lemonade but without the calories, sugar, or health effects of artificial sweetners…

Two things…

I don’t have any “addicitons” or “cravings” for other sweet things. That’s not my problem. I just use CL to put different flavors in my protein.

Also, not sure about anywhere else, but here you can buy singles packages of CL. One serving per package. I’ve never seen “tubs” of the stuff.

Thanks for the replies…