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Crystal Light During a Cut


Hey guys I am doing a cut phase right now and was wondering if anyone had any advice or knew if crystal light has any effect since it is 0 cals, I know it has maltodextrin which might raise insulin but im not sure that it would have much effect in such small amounts, correct me if Im wrong. What do you guys think?



A lot of bodybuilders get absolutely shredded drinking all the crystal lite and diet coke they want.

You... you will be fine.


lol x2.

I drank these two things all the time when dieting.


Not all crystal light is 0 cals. Just sayin. The individual packets are 10 calories for a lot of the flavors.


pfft, not lemonade. That's the only flavor worth drinking anyways.


Crystal Light and BCAAs should be a staple in any basic contest prep -lol



haha ya thats what I was thinkin too, just curious Thanks for the reply guys, and I agree lemonade is pretty damn good, and so is cherry limeade lol


I always knew you were a bit slow.

Raspberry Green tea is nectar of the gods. It's so rare it sells for double the price on amazon lol.

Raspberry lemondae > regular lemonshit


Seriously? I've got like 5 boxes of it in the cabinet. Seems like that's all Publix ever has down here.


Cant find it anywhere in nyc. Not that I go on manhunts for it or anything but yea, I wish I could get some more often.


I imagine sweet tea and sweet tea flavored things are probably a little more popular in South Carolina than they are in NY. Just a hunch.


I've actually used Target's store brand. The 'purple' one tasted pretty good and was what I used for my '09 contest prep when I was pounding 3 gallons of water a day at the end.



Yeah "4C Totally Light" is good too. And that stuff is 0 calorie.


Crystal Light Dragon Fruit FTW