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So this is simply a bitcoin fuelled thread. Because my supplier only accepts bitcoin.

Today BTC has hit the 10,000$ mark and more specifically its hovering just bellow $12,000. It was 3000 six months ago. I have been a believer in crypto for many years and the reasons for its existence. Has anyone else been keeping up with bitcoin? Do you have faith in it's existence? Did you throw away the "its a bubble" rumours that regular investors/bankers/accountants liked to convince themselves it was?.... its more then safe to say it's forever and it's going to change the world if it hasn't already. If you have not jumped in to the world of crypto yet it may be worth time to even spend 15-50 on purchasing your first little bit of bitcoin/ethereum/litecoin/ripple or whatever else and learning slowly. Anything in the top 10 right now is safely hear to stay for a while.

I don’t know how many online sources use cryptocurrency, or specifically bitcoin as mine do. But has anyone else been finding it almost heartbreaking to spend their “investments” on product like I have?

Its not a big deal really because converting cash to BTC is simple. But if you have always been into trading/investing/bitcoin as a hobby, once its out of fiat and into crypto, i see more potential growth in my wallet then i do my shirts!

Btw, trx at 3 cents, 4 cent compared to BTC today, is definitely a steal. Within two years i strongly believe 1$ is likely and 6 cents by January. If you arent aware of investing in penny stocks or how low cost high reward could work look at it this way. If you get 90$ worth of TRX at 3 cent. You will have 3000 trx tokens. Now trx goes up to 6 cents. You will have a value of 180 USD. And so on so fourth. You dont have to spend 11,000 on a bitcoin. You spend 50$ on .0000xxx of bitcoin and use the 50$ to buy whatever else tickles your fancy.

Im big on helping people do better or grow in their personal lives so hop in with questions or comments. Start where ever. Believe in it or not, idgaf really if your the type of person who says “impossible this and that” maybe avoid this thread. But dont hold people back from learning or doing better simply because of you being close minded yourself!:slight_smile:

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