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Which way are you leaning irt btc vs eth?


I went and bought BCH SV in BTC and more than doubled the investment before selling it off lol. All because I began reading the redditors all relentlessly FUDing the hell out of it.


If the Redditors hate it it means you can buy buy buy

80% XRP 20% BTCSV here aha


This was an over-the-top bashing with a multinational crew not seen since the days of the poloniex trollbox. Something was going on.

“BCHSV go down to THE Hell!”



XRP and REQ are the two I have really been looking into. I like the idea behind both projects. I see big potential for both.

I was also looking into BAT but, I read you have to use their browser, lost interest right there.



Anybody want to weigh in?


This is imo, one of the glaring reasons cryptos will never be mainstream (on top of the obvious).

That being said, tin foil hat is on. My immediate reaction upon seeing this story yesterday was that he faked his own death knowing he could scoop that up when the price raises due to shortened supply.

Millions in btc had been lost to things like this even prior to it’s crazy roller coaster


Yeah didn’t a laundering service just up and disappear with everyone’s BTC one day? Scary.


Mt. Gox is a prime example.


I think this could be mitigated. There’s a lot of growing pangs with creating an international digital currency. Realistically tho, the frequency of growing pangs needs to reduce drastically or it will quickly lose attention and disregarded. I think that’s a likely outcome given the current challenges.


I’m the farthest thing from an expert on the subject, but I couldn’t help scrolling through the comments of the story and seeing a bunch of “dude probably faked his death and changed his name” takes, so I don’t think it’s that much of a tinfoil hat take.


It’s amazing how things can backfire. The key that is designed to allow someone to reboot their account is what is preventing people from being able to have their money/value returned.


Called it if this is real


Many illiscit steroid labs exit scam hard. I doubt many of them make $190M though. He better hope none of that crypto was held by the crooked nose crowd, or he’ll die slow.


Tbh I’m super fuzzy on how he expects to get away if he really did fake it. The concept of the block chain makes it exceedingly difficult to move anywhere that much of someone else’s coin now that everyone will be watching


Looks like Chase is coming out with a cryptocurrency. Interesting considering their outspoken disregard for it.


Of course they talked down crypto till they had their own. That would be like GM badmouthing the mustang until they released the camaro.


Has anyone else been gambling with crypto recently? I threw $500 at BAT months ago and checked in a week or two ago to see I’ve more than doubled. BTC is pushing back into the mid $5,000’s.