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Maybe in other countries. Trump is too “de reg-y” to crack down on anything unless it’s Dem run. I don’t think this will have much of an impact on the currencies apart from the ones that still don’t have a good use case.

Weed out the weak and all that

Well they kinda had to. Can’t Dodge billions in taxes. That precedent would be insane


Old news. It’s been known since 2015.

You can make a lot of money shorting if this is the case. Time to open a trading account lol.


In other news…

John Mcafee seriously cracks me up lmao.


His Twitter was hacked. He swears


Can I do naked shorts… with an anonymous account? Lol.

“I’d like to short ALL of the bitcoin please… no of course I don’t own any.”


Ask John Mcafee! He’ll know how to do it. He knows everything!


I know this is odd, but every time I see Dan Green, I think it’s Mcafee and visa versa. I have a hard time liking Dan Green now.


Dan Green’s a nerd.

Mcaffee really needs to be cast as a Bond villian some day.


I’m now imagining an Austin Powers scenario where McAfee is the bad guy


Austin Power’s was my first thought too!


Anyone still watching cryptos?


Yep. I’ve been tracking the dive and now wondering if this recent burp us the start of another seasonal swing like last year or just a slight reprieve before another drop.


I sold everything and bought Petro Coin (PTR).


Viva la revolucion comrade!


I bought quite a few LTC at 128 and sold half at 145. I bought back in at 88. Hopefully this is the start of a comeback. I just want BTC to rise above $10k again. That would get me past my current loss.




Tin foil hat alert.

The thing I feared (and why I got out pre mini crash) of China and Russia tanking crypto values after they made their money appears to have happened.

kudos to the people that got rich. It was a hella ride for such a short span


I’m still accumulating from realized profits as the prices drop.

A warning. If one is risk adverse, it’s best to stay out since even if the trend changes, you will most likely end up selling at a loss before that. There will be blood.


It seems crazy until you’ve looked at a year’s worth of stories about currupt exchanges, manipulations, and hacks.

Within that context its more like “yep. That totally happened.”.

I think so too. I want to see it flatten out and move sideways for a while before even thinking about it.


I have continued to add as it falls. IMO the technology won’t just disappear. I am fairly optimistic… it just a matter of when.

As they say tho, being right at the wrong time means you’re wrong. My view point of my crypto purchasing is that of buying a lottery ticket. Once I buy in, I don’t have a stop loss. Im not a panic seller.