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LMAO still trying to break the neckline!



BTC’s going up! If it breaks 9500…


ZCL has recovered to pre-depression levels and LTC finally has some life in it. Fun times.


Is this essentially what Fair.x was shooting for?


I think so. Not very sure atm.


Well, here’s the tipping point. Bull trap or time to run?


On my chart above, the next major resistance should be in the 12,000s if we break the 10,000s. Need to break the next downtrend line too.


Realised I didn’t capture the numbers.

Probably gonna be a pullback first.


The last two days have been extremely predictable with how BTG, ZCL and ETC are moving. I’ve made quite bit trading the swings. I’ve also started trading to tether much more, rather to ETH and BTC.

I put 50% of my invested funds into ZCL last week. I totally regret not doing 100%. Haha doubled today. Fun times, BtC has broken $11,000


I lost a couple of thousand at the mahjong table because my mother and her sisters were playing and I can’t take their money. So I had to pretend to lose while listening to them berate me on how all my education was wasted since I sucked so hard at the game. Real fun times lol!


Sounds like a happy new year!


My one brothers wife and family is from Taiwan. They play full contact mahjong too.


Ah, he chose well. Taiwanese girls are known to be really good wives. I speak the same dialect.


Holy Shit, Batman. Crypto is getting pumped and dumped. I’m staring at the bid/ask for ZCL waiting to sell for a 2% quick gain. The bids exceeded the asks. Then BAM!, out of nowhere the asks doubled the bids. I quickly cancelled my sell and raised it another 2%.

Also, if you look at the bids, there are obvious bots. Small orders as the top bid. If you raise your bid, it goes up just above yours…


It’s normal. If you are scalping, DO NOT trust the order book. Ignore the sell and buy walls.


If it breaks the neckline…


Just some confirmation bias for me. It’s helping me not freak out when I see ZCL sub $10, after entering at $79.


It’s trading on KuKoin for $270. At that price I have more than tripled my money (bought just under $80)


Anyone seen this? Headline is obv clickbaity, so tread with care


Sounds like a convenient excuse to close down crypto markets. Just what the governments needed. Can’t have all this disruption and freedom going on.

Combine this with the IRS going after coinbase and everyone else, say goodbye to your anonymous transactions.

It was fun while it lasted. Now the investment banks and other businesses will adopt the blockchain and crypto currencies will slowly die.