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The arbitrage opportunities are real. Can you buy coins on exchange A and sell the same coins on exchange B?


Not easily, at least not in the timeframe required for arbitrage, you would have to send the coins between the exchanges which would likely take longer than the position would be open for.

You would have to have holdings on both exchanges simultaneously, with the aim of subsequently consolidating your (hopefully) increased net holding.


I also like to play this thought game, but you have to remember, the amount of dodgecoin you’d have had, both when buying and most importantly when selling, would be big enough to be a market mover. Your sell would probably fill the buy book and floor the price. Likewise you wouldn’t be able to get all your BTC gains in at .0002. Fun to think about though.


I joined a new exchange in 2016 and saw the difference in the btc/eth and usd/eth pairs was so great I couldn’t believe my eyes. Then I saw there was no volume and only bots were trading. Made 11btc in less than 10 mins lol.


No way man. Im subscribing to the ‘Back to the Future’ style of time travel where you get a cool book with the answers in it and somehow building a mega empire has no impact on the results and nothing changes


Imagine getting to tell people you made your millions with DOGECOIN!


Would make a hell of a career day at your kid’s school.


“Hey kids, you wanna know how I got my lambo?”


I wish I had the time to do this. There was a day over the Christmas break where I was drinking and bored and made a bit trading the inconsistencies. If someone had the know with all they could write a trading program to do this.

Bitcoin/Coinbase Rant



Must break downtrend line. Even then, volume still too low to confirm trend reversal.


Looking for a double bottom.

I sold my remaining ETC yesterday for ~24.5 and looking for reentry around 20. I’m a little mad I didn’t pull the trigger at $21, considering it’s pushing $26 now.


That looks real bad. Like falling through the floor bad.


I’m thinking mid 5,000s till the Chinese and Korean New Years are over. I could be wrong.

But right now I just want to see if all those people who have been telling me throughout 2017, “Wow you got lucky! If I could go back when bitcoin was low, I would have…” actually have the balls to buy in.


I’m thinking less than that, like pre-'17 prices.

No one that said that will jump in. They’ll use the crash and all of the billionaire turn bust stories to stay away.

I can think of one person off the top of my head that is getting crushed right now. He got in about a month ago.

I’m going to wait till the blood in the streets.


I’m sincerely hoping for that but I’m not sure it’s very likely. If that happens, it will be a slow decline in a bear market lasting till the end of the year at least.

Yup. Then they’ll repeat the same thing when the price soars another 10x. I’ve been hearing this shit for years lol.

As long as he doesn’t sell and isn’t playing with leverage, his losses are only on paper.

I know people on my end who bought near the top as well. Seriously, I keep telling people to never put in all your money at once. Nobody listens. Greed and fear. Human nature at play. It’s always the same. Human nature. And there are fucking kids who think communism is a good idea.


It kinda reminds me of 06’-08 when people were buying houses that were worth 150K for 350K, thinking that they could sell it in a year for 700K.

Beware of the asymptote!


Keynes, is that you?


Hey I didn’t bring up “animal spirits” lol. Some retards these days may interpret it as:



BTC trendline broken with inverse H&S? This is going to be interesting.