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That’s one of the joys of blockchain. Due to it being decentralized the exchanges CAN’T be encrypted to the same degree. Only way they could match it is for their infrastructure to be equally decentralized (good God that’s terrifying to think about).


Pennant on BTC chart. Will BTC break up or down? Or will it subvert expectations like The Last Jedi and continue sideways? Fun times.


It’ll go up, down, sideways and Robinhood will help break the liquid reliance on BTC. CB, Bittrex and Binance will follow and Eth, BCH etc. will take its market share.


Does it behave like a regular security or commodity? That geometric technical stuff can be tricky. Does it have support/resistance and price channel to consider too?

I have to start looking at these things more closely myself and try to eke out some trends or relations/correlations in their movement.


Yeah, it’s the same.

Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns by Thomas Bulkowski is pretty good.


Aw noooo… I’m dumping everything and buying DOGECOIN!


Just did some more reading on Robin Hood. They won’t allow transfers from wallets, exchanges, etc. :confused:

They indicate that they’ll explore it, but due to money laundering they won’t initially allow it.

This causes several issues, I see:

  1. It prevents people from easily liquefying alt coins
  2. It limits you to their eco system
  3. It will limit the swarms of new investors to only BTC and ETH for the time being.


Is it just US based or do they allow international traders? Which countries are supported for bank transfers?


they’re only starting with four states. Doubt it’ll be opened up internationally for some time.


Zclassic announced the hard fork with Bitcoin Private. Will be interesting to see how it affects the price leading up to the snapshot. BTP is an interesting project, all the benefits of BCH/BTC but it can’t be traced. I’m skeptical after the whole NXT> IGNIS. As I still don’t have my IGNIS and if I did, not sure how to get rid of it.

Does anyone think BtC has recovered or is it gonna drop again? Option calls occurred on Friday, I suspect that and foreign regulation news affected the price. With that in the rear view mirror, will it regain and hit $15k in February?


If it breaks 12800, it’ll probably test 14000 at the downtrend line. If it doesn’t break the downtrend line, it’ll probably go down again. Range trading would be profitable.



Holy Shit! Eth might take over.


I’m not sure but it’s possible lol. ETH is pulling back a bit atm but it looks very bullish. Shit I still remember at $3 people were going, “Look at the amount in circulation! It will never break $5!”


I’ve got a large position in XLM and BTG that I’m waiting to make 30% on before I move to ETC. I’m hoping XLm will make a move back to .90 or that Robinhood announcement will cause Coinbase to open up trading on BTG as a way to not lose customer base.

I’m hoping either one of those two things happen prior to ~ 2/25.

I’ve got my own little roadmap based on the roadmaps I’ve seen. Haha cryptos are fun.


I’ve been lmao at all the unknowing GBTC holders didn’t know the stock was splitting 91-1. If they checked their account over the weekend, they were millionaires as the shares had come over, but the price hadnt reflected the split. Wake up today, and all the unsuspecting are panick selling because their stock has lost 98% of its value. Bahahah


So I’ve been looking at Cryptowatch daily at the morning and night (before and after work basically) since the “big” (har har) fall, and have seen that all the major alt-coin + BC is ultimately coming back to the same general cost range.

Most notably, the kimchi premium appears to be dead. This is expected, given the huge uncertainty in the Korean crypto market, but I’m surprised that the overall price hasn’t moved much.

Is it because most of the coins are controlled by a small group who hasn’t moved much, whereas some amount of the random folks have left?


It’s something like that. A lot of traders are short term trading within a range and the inflow of new buyers has diminished because of all the FUD in the news. So we’re seeing it bounce from the buyer zone at 9000-10000 and then going back down at 12000+.

This is going to happen until we either break above 12800+/- or below 9200+/-. The latter is quite possible IMO because of the tether scare. To add to that, the Chinese New Year is approaching and Chinese spend a lot of money during this event so there will quite a bit of selling for cash on the Chinese side.

Do Koreans have any similar festivities during this period?


Koreans celebrate the lunar new year, same with the Chinese.

Checked the USD prices on Bithumb today. Kimchi premium def. dead. The amount of trading in
Korea down tremendously as well.

Curious what happens as the regulations become more concrete.


Yeah, then you know what I’m talking about. China = 1 week holiday, Outside of China= 2-4 days holiday. Going to have to spend lots of money prior to the New Year and then gamble away even more during the New Year. Last year I had 4 mahjong tables opened in my house for 3 days like a bloody gambling den lol.