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Is anyone looking at the new Block Chain ETFs that hit? Like BLOK


You can buy options on ETFs. There’s a cheap way to hedge your long positions.


That’s kinda the point of this rise of cryptos though.

Imo we’ll never see govt run cryptos. As shown by the crypto industry thus far its way too easy to manipulate. Imagine China waking up one day and buying large chunks of this new USCrypto with the sole intent of crashing it. Stupidly difficult with a flat, stupidly simple with a crypto


Sure, but with every other disruptive technology, the government(s) will eventually claw their way in. Like I posted above, a number of countries seem to be interested in a state-backed crypto.


Yeah inevitably someone is going to try it out. If I were a betting man, I’d put money on it being the worst decision (and possibly last) said country will ever make.


In case there’s too much euphoria like I see on reddit(I go there because they are very up-to-date on new developments and news), BTC is still on a short/mid term downtrend IMHO. Not saying it will definitely happen, but there’s a chance of going down to the $8000-6000 range. But we’re going up for a bit first.

FUD sucks. HYPE is just as bad.

But if we do go up from here, as in continuing with the uptrend, watching the shorts getting liquidated will be entertaining as hell. A lot of these late shorters are the fuckers spreading FUD because they are the ones afraid the current market will reverse. Look for a sudden massive spike upwards if that happens.


Am struggling to breath. Am now in for 1 billion dogecoin.


Like a month ago I walked in on Corp Controller and an owner discussing cryptos (and I’ve shot the shit with them a few times about it). Controller has an article open about “Dogecoin breakout, record climbing.” First thing I notice is he’s calling it Dog-coin (for the unenlightened, it’s pronounced ‘dohg’ like ‘dojo’ without the last o) and they’re ranting about the crazy low price per unit and what happens if it hits a penny.

I start laughing almost immediately, because I know this coin is among the FIRST to get dumped when the market starts taking wild dips. I explain the coin doesn’t serve a purpose blah blah and they go “well then how is it doing so well, they must be doing something right.” I’m now struggling to breath while I have to explain the entire concept of the doge meme complete with examples on his computer.

All hail dogecoin. The coin we deserve, but not the one we need right now.





Looks like the bounce back is already complete. Whatever is going on with VeChain that I haven’t bothered to look up yet just pushed me past old peak value. Probably get a small price correction soon but it looks like everyone’s calmed down from China and SKs reg threats

Edit: anyone got any coin suggestions? Still sitting on a little btc from playing around with ripple back when it was roller coastering


Zcash classic is up $53 right now. God I love crypto.

Only regret is selling steem earlier this morning after it’s first miner dip.


Thanks, ya dickheads!


Can’t resist this opportunity for a nostalgia trip…







I’m confused… I read a release by E&Y the other day about hacking as well, but I thought one of the foundations of blockchain was that it couldn’t be hacked*?

*Probably shouldn’t say “couldn’t”. but it utilizes 256-bit encryption, right? So basically uncrackable.


From what I understand, this is hacking the exchange’s wallets to transfer ownership of tokens to the hackers or something like that, not hacking the blockchain.


Ahhh, gotcha. I’m surprised they aren’t encrypted to the same degree.


You gotta ask a tech guy about this lol.

Good reason to store coins offline though.