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I bought a Cryocup a couple weeks ago. Not so much for EDT, but because I?ve had lots of injuries and it looked like a handy rehab tool. I?ve been using it on my shoulder, which I injured almost two years ago and which has never really healed. But I was just rereading the EDT article and Staley specifically writes to keep the Cryocup away from joints. Is there some reason that I shouldn?t be icing injured joints? Thanks.

A bit off topic: I’m thinking of getting one of these as well, and I wanted to know how much you paid and where you got it. I’ve found it online for about $6, but after shipping, it’ll cost me $12! So I’m wondering if there are possibly some local stores that may carry it. Any ideas?

I got it from bodytrends. Their website is easy to guess. It was, like, nine bucks plus shipping. Pretty steep for a piece of plastic, I guess. But it works well. The pain in my shoulder has subsided so I don’t feel like I am an arthritic 80 year old 24 hours a day. I am actually 28. But I still need an answer to the whole joints question. Anybody???