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Cryogenic Chambers

so, it seems that the interwebz are full of posts about these cryogenic chambers, and that they are used for health purposes.

I heard a podcast about Wim Hoff, and started taking cold showers, and i have to tell you - they make me feel great!!

even after a good training session, i take a cold shower and i have increased energy, good mood, and mental altertness.

what are your thoughts? anyone have any experience with Cryogenic Chambers?

Joe Rogan swears by them.

Me too, there was a period when our gym showers had no warm water and I was feeling so much better after a cold shower.

I also used to notice that certain aches and pains after training would diminish with a cold shower but alas I have not been doing it for a while now.

Cold showers seem to make all kinds of aches and pains and all kinds of bad things go away because all you can think about is how fucking shitty cold showers are.


Is this like the Hyperbolic Time Chamber?

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So, I tried it and froze my ass off!!! crazy, i was not prepared for how durn cold it was going to be.

def not pleasurable - BUT - yes, i do intend to do it again.