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Cryocup in Canada


Ok, I realize the Cryocup has been discussed enough here, but has anybody been able to locate it in Canada? The shipping to Canada from American retailers is horrendous. I've done lots of web searching, but haven't come up with anything.


Very difficult to source, I've tried many times, so I found an alternative. Buy styrofoam cups from a dollar store, fill with water, freeze and voila! Just peel the styrofoam back from the rim and massage away. The only thing I don't like about cryptherapy is the water going all over the place. Remember, as you massage the ice melts and it makes a wet mess, so I prefer using bags of frozen peas now.


loop, thanks for the advice. I got some mroe good advice through PM, too. I've read about how to make one, so perhaps I'll try. Would have preferred the convenience of the real thing, but hey, I complain enough as it is.


If thats all that stuff is, why dont you just freeze a zip-lock bag filled with water and keep the plastic on so it doesnt drip everywhere?