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my girlfriend wants me to cry... to show that i care... ummm isn't this a bit wussy for a guy? (being raised in good ol canada where boys are tuff, eh?)


Crying, because you're a guy, is not wussy if there is a reason. Crying on demand, to prove something, is downright stupid. Get yourself another girlfriend.


Crying doesn't prove you care. Dump her for someone better.


she doesn't want it on demand, just that im 7 hours away (in school) so when i see her she crys when i leave, so she thinks i should...


This is a perfect example of a woman not knowing what she really wants.

Cry, and she'll immidiately lose respect for you.

No woman EVER cares to take on the role as 'protector' in the relationship, just like men arent meant to be maternal.

Biology TRUMPS political correctness!


Guys should only cry at the end of "Old Yeller"


J, my girlfriend was the same. I just left her for school(not really left her/we are still going out) and she cried and I didn;t. This isn;t to say that I didn;t show any emotion(i'm sure you show'd emotion too) I just don;t really cry all that much. One way I could suggest getting back in the good books without having to spend thousand of dollars on acting lessons is to right her a letter. I assume you guys email or talk on the phone but girl's loooove hand written letters. Depending what stage you guys are at in the relationship make it a love letter. If you aren;t in love don;t worry about her wanting you to cry. A hand written letter is so personal and hardly anybody does it anymore. Chixdiggit.
Off topic, what school are you going to? I am in Canada too(U of Lethbridge) Also I posted asking for answers to this a while back but no one answered. Since you are in Canada I thought i'd ask you. Have you had any success or failures trying to get Mag-10 or other baned biotest products into Canada via mail. There are a couple of sites that will deliver it to Canada but don;t guarantee it will get through customs. I don't want to waste my money so if you or anyone you know, or anyone else reading this could help it would be great. Sorry for the long post.
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It is also ok to cry when he spills his beer...........his last beer......and the store is closed.......sniff........


What the hell is this? I can understand crying if, say, you're absolutely completely f-ing miserable for a good long time and the pressure starts to get to you. To show that you care? Maybe cry if you get truly happy, I think that shows you care in a deeper way and she'll still respect you.

Why the hell would she want you to cry? Do you want her to cry to prove that she's okay? Once my girlfriend missed a dose of tricyclin and took one in the morning and one in the afternoon and she was a wreck; the next time she does that I'm going to take a double dose of 4-AD.


What the fuck? Anyone who wants you to cry is fucked up. Think about it. Who wants you to cry normally? No one. I'd say, "Bitch if you don't prefer my smile, especially when I'm with you..... then you are fucked up."


Or if you open up your year-old can of Power Drive and discover that it's been clumped into a solid orange rock because of the humidity and now you have to lick it instead of drink it. Then you can cry.


If you want to get away with it just tell her that you are drowning in sorrow inside. Out side you fight to hold back the tears just because it would make it worse on her. You try to be strong for both. Tell her you love her and it hurts you more than anything when your apart but tears dont show how much you love her cause if it did then the world would be nothing but a lake of tears.


Tug on one of your nose hairs when shes not looking!!


i going to acadia university in nova scotia.. i have never taken any supps so i haven't tried getting mag 10 over here... just can't afford to buy supps, i don't even buy extra food...just put a few supplies in my bag with each trip to the cafeteria, haha... hand written letter sounds pretty good..might do that...i've decided next time i see her not to try to cry..haven't done it since i was like 10 anyway, so it seems a bit unatural anyway..


Ha, I was going to suggest that. Reminiscent of "Parker Lewis Can't Lose", which was a great show. Lata.

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Tell her to kick you in the nutz as you are saying your goodbyes. That will do it.


Badass handle my friend.


Tell her to go fuck herself....


Listen to Amra. Guys cry at the end of Old Yeller. That is it. Period. End of discusssion.


I did get a little teary when Gretzky retired, and when Bourque finally got to hold the Cup.