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Crying Virgin Mary Statue



What do you guys think about this phenomenon?

Im not sure what to believe, i am a practicing christian, but it seems that this could be rigged, i think some kind of test should be done on the statue.


im sorry, but im an atheist.. so yea even so im gonna call a bull shit on that one


Jesus appeared on the mold in my shower.

Then I used some Ajax on his ass.


Once I thought my penis looked kinda like Darth Vader spontaneously crying. Then I found out I had the clap.


yes, i often see the face of christ in my pancakes... on the flowers of every garden... on the face of every baby...


Oh my God. lmao


Yeah, it is pretty rediculous when people sell a grilled cheese sandwhich for $100,000 on ebay because it looks like it has the face of Jesus in it; what would you guys think if they ran tests and somehow proved that the statue was not rigged in any way?


That is doubtful. You have to either beleive in it or reject it all together. kind of like Vroom vs RJ


Its really hard to totally believe or disbelieve it when people are capable and willing to fake things like this. I think most of me believes that this is not done by a person, but then again there are doubts.


It is impossible to "prove" a miracle, the closest you can come is not being able to provide an alternate explanation. All it means is that you've ruled out all other explanations that have occurred to you.


I think it is probably raising a lot of money for the church.


What is it about Catholicism that make people need these cheap tawdry "miracles" so much? Why don't Lutherans ever see the face of Jesus in the front on their car windshield or something?

Anyhoo, every single one of these weeping statue/congealing and solidifying saint's blood/Virgin Mary appearing in the skidmark in your underwear type things that has been investigated has been proven to be a hoax, or like the grilled cheese sandwich, simple coincidence.

I once bought a box of chocolate macaroons, and one of them was shaped exactly like a penis. Obviously a divine manifestation.


[quote]Rex30 wrote:
What is it about Catholicism that make people need these cheap tawdry "miracles" so much? Why don't Lutherans ever see the face of Jesus in the front on their car windshield or something?quote]

Because we are the one true faith and the almighty only reveals himself to us.


Because Jesus would never appear in front of a bunch of heretical Lutherans.

He might as well appear in front of Satanists.



You can't be serious? Holy shit man..I didn't think this kind of finger pointing crap was still going on in the world..

Hey...what are you doin this weekend Zap....I got a couple days you wanna go do a crusade or something?


I don't get into religious arguments nor will I tell you how or what I practice...I just can't believe that you posted that. Zealot.

"Shot through the heart, and you're to blame, Zap..you give religion..a bad name...."- Bon Jovi

See ya Sunday :slight_smile:



I bet it has raised a ton of money for it. Touists are abound I'm sure.



I was joking. Lutherans are OK in my book. It is the Methodists you have to watch out for.


Are you lumping all Protestants together on this or just gunning for Lutherans?

And if the goal is to bring the world to know Christ, then appearing before Satanists would actually make sense.

And now as a "heretical" Methodist, I think I'll go agitate a wican.


Some people can't take a joke when it comes to religion.

As for the statue, I'm sure someone will come up with some reason why it shouldn't be investigated or tested in any way, just to keep their hoax alive (and the money coming in).