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Cry At a Movie?


OK, how many of you (and girls don't count) have ever cried at a movie? I don't mean sobbing like kid with snot gushing out...just a litte damp in the ole' eyes, a little choked up, maybe tear stream or two...

Here are some that did it for me:

Schindler's List- Fairly obvious why

Hoop Dreams- When Arthur leaves for college..that was some real shit!

Glory-When they march down the beach before the assault on Ft Sumter


Yep. The Passion of the Christ.


Rudy and Brian's Song both did it to me.


I came close @ million dollar baby.


Best of the Best


Remember the Titans


It's somehat embarassing considering that one of my least favorite placenta eating actors starred in it...

but "The Last Samurai". Yea cheesy, whatever. The point at the end right before Watanabe Ken dies he says "They are all perfect..." referring to cherry-blossoms. It was a tear jerker considering how at one point he expressed that you could spend your entire life looking for the perfect cherry blossom.

What got me is that you always realize how good shit is right before it's gone or right after it's gone. But even more so it points to the fact that everything is exactly as it should be, fucked up and all. Cest la vie.


I got a little misty just reading this post.




This might sound ridiculous, but the one that always gets me is the end of Forrest Gump when he puts his son on the school bus for his first time day of school. I don't know what it is, but I usually get teared during those sappy father-son moments in movies. I'm really close with my dad, and so I think it just reminds me that I'll have to say goodbye to him someday....

Oh shit, there i go again! I'm really a tough guy, I swear.


Yeah bro, that whole scene when they ran into those machine guns was a "tear jerker" in that movie. Ken Watanabe kicks ass...


Me too, especially the whipping scene, the cross scenes & the death.


John: Well, good night Ray.
Ray Kinsella: Good night, John.
[They shake hands and John begins to walk away]
Ray Kinsella: Hey........Dad?
[John turns]
Ray Kinsella: [choked up] You wanna have a catch?
John Kinsella: I'd like that.


For some reason only sports movies really make me get watery. Something about the thrill of winning or just the team unity of competition or something of that sort. I remember that movie "The Program" when they're coming back in the 4th quarter and Darnell Jefferson is back returning the punt with like 20 seconds to go. He picks up all these vicious blocks on his return and as he's running down the sideline you see the whole sideline going crazy with his coach played by James Caan running alongside with him. Ha! Ha! Fucking classic!

Oh yeah, and dont forget steamin Willie Beamon!


Watanabe is a lesser God. He made that movie worth watching.

As for crying at movies... oddly enough, the one that got me was Sommersby. A convict takes the place of a southern landowner after the civil war... a man who, by all accounts, was a scumbag himself... and discovers in becoming this other man that he surpasses him in honour. In the end, he decides to take the consequences of that man's life simply because in doing so he betters the lives of those around him.

For the most part it comes off like a sappy chick-flick, and then out of the blue... BAM. Something of substance.

Funny how tears have become a sign of weakness in a man. When you read tales about those tin-plated medieval killing machines, knights as some call 'em, they were prone to weeping openly over the loss of a companion. Or even a horse. The tales of brutal and deadly Celtic warriors are rife with them shedding tears over each other and going into long fits of melancholy at the loss of a brother in arms or family member.

They helped define what would be considered manly in later years... and we've lost that. It's a shame. I know that when I cry I can feel my face burn red with shame (no matter how justified the situation), even though intellectually I know that there shouldn't be that connotation.


First Blood.


The end of Braveheart, when Yeamish throws the sword.

Glory, when the black troops are around the fire singing on the night before the battle.

Gods and Generals, because even though that movie was the worst fucking movie I've ever seen, there was one heartbreaking part where the Irish troops on the rebel side stop firing at the northern Irish Brigade, and start yelling "Erin go Bragh" in honor of their bravery charging the wall at Fredericksburg.

I've never really cried because I was sad at a movie, so much as a couple tears will come down because of a beautiful ending that almost restores my faith in humanity.


Damn, I forgot about Rudy. When he finally gets accepted, reading the letter on the park bench..touching. And I hate Notre Dame!

I got a little misty in Hoosiers. Yeah, I'm a sucker.


Speaking of Forrest Gump, when Bubba dies in Forrest's arms by the river in Vietnam used to choke me up allll the time.

I've seen it so many times now though it doesn't have quite the same effect, unless I really immerse myself in the movie.


Shit. I forgot about that one. Watching the innocent suffer is heart-wrenching.


Yeah, Million Dollar Baby gets me close; I believe it to contain the single most painful movie scence ever...

Although, the Transformer movie used to get me every time as a kid...



Terminator 2. No explanation needed.