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Crushing and Drinking Arimidex?

can i use a pillcrusher for arimidex and mix it with fruit juce and drink it? I need 1/8 of it. I would use a miligram scale.
Can you give some tips oder better tips how to handle this?

May not help you right away, but compounders can make .125mg caps of anastrozole. Maybe your doc/clinic can order some?

i am in europe. they dont do it here.

This was actually brought up (by me) earlier today. Yes, you can do it. No, not the way you just described. That way doesn’t work and having a scale is meaningless in this scenario.

Crush whole pill, dissolve in vodka at Xml, dose accordingly.

Can you elaborate please?

From what understand I crush a pill in a glass and put 2 ml vodka, wait until it dissolves and draw it into the syringe? Can i drink the 0.125 with juice and can I restore the rest of the syringe in the fridge or room temperature?

You mean crushing the whole 1 mg pill right?

Yes, crush the whole thing. Figure out the dose you want to take, in this case .125mg. So you’d add 2ml of vodka and suddenly you have a liquid adex solution that is dosed at .5mg/ml. From there you’d take .25ml of that solution and voila .125mg of adex.

Ah ok. So I can drink it with juice or whatever right? And the rest of the syringe fridge?
Thnx for the tips.

Does it have to be vodka?

You can add the vodka solution to whatever you want, juice included. And it doesn’t need to be refrigerated.

Vodka is the best choice because it’ll dissolve the whole thing. You can go higher proof, but there’s no need. Any typical 80 proof alcohol will work, but vodka mixes with everything so that’s why I suggest that. If you were making it in large batches you could use PEG, but it tastes like all Hell.

Ok much thnx man. That way I can finally try 1/8 of arimidex as well.