Crushed Flaxseed

The search engine isn’t working so I’ll ask here. Crushed flaxseed (linseed), how does this compare with Flaxseed Oil, obviously it has more fibre, but what about EFA content? 1 Tablespoon of crushed linseed = ??? Flaxseed oil.

Organic, cold-milled flax seeds -

1 heaping tablespoon:

3g omega-3
1g omega-6

90 cals
7g fat
5g carbs
3g protein

Fiber isn’t listed on the package I have, but the seed husks act basically as psyllium.

info from my package of golden flax seeds.

1/4 cup of seeds (yields 1/2 cup ground)

sat fat–1.9


a–8.5 iu
e–60 iu

to get the same amoung of lignans as 1/4 cup of gold flax seed, you would need to eat in one sitting a comparable serving of one of the following:

90lbs of cabbage
82lbs of bananas
75lbs of strawberries
26lbs of broccoli
12lbs of wheat

I love ground flax seeds as a hot cereal in the morning. dash of cinnamon and a squirt of sugar free maple syrup…healthy and filling. wash down with a protein shake and I am good to go.

Thanks, I have just started buying them crushed from a health store in bulk so no details as you supplied. I have been putting a tablespoon on top of Cottage Cheese and in my shake with Flaxseed Oil.

Iron Maiden so do you have that on its own? Hmmm must try at some stage.

The golden seeds, not the brown ones…big diffence in taste. Gold is worth it if you can find it.

I take a half cup ground, mix in enough boiling water to make it oatmeal consistency…top as you please…even have added canned vanilla protein to it.
so tasty my 6 and 7 yr olds eat it.

the fiber benefits take about 24 hours to work…if you get my drift…

I know it’s not good to heat flaxseed oil because it will damage the fats.

Does this hold true for the ground seeds as well, or will all the nutrients be well enough intact when you make it into the ‘hot cereal’ type breakfast?

when adding hot water to it you aren’t exposing it to high heat for an extended length of time as you would if you were cooking with an oil.

note that the oil as well as the seeds need to be kept under refrigeration due to the oil going rancid so quickly.

I put two big spoons in with my oatmeal and protein powder breakfast everyday. Talk about “regular!” This stuff really cleans out the ol? system. Thanks for that question, though. I’d been wondering about that as well. They don’t label the food very well here.