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Crushed E2. Help?

Currently week 11 of TRT. My doctor and I figured out early on that I am an over responder to arimidex.

My current protocol:
100 mg test cyp twice a week (200 mg total)
500 IU’s HCG twice a week (1000 IUs total)
.25 mg arimidex ONCE a week

I was feeling pretty good dosing the arimidex at just .25 mg once a week. This past week, I started feeling symptoms of what I thought was high E2. I paid out of pocket through a private lab for an estradiol test. While waiting for the results of the lab, I took my weekly single dose of arimidex.

The lab results came back the next day after I’d already taken my next arimidex dose. The lab results were at 16 pg/mL (range 7.6-42.6). So now my E2 is obviously even lower than before. My joints are killing me. My mouth is so dry it hurts. I can’t drink enough water. I’m sweating non-stop and it REEKS. My already chronic insomnia is even worse. Everything feels horrible. Obviously, I won’t be taking any more arimidex for the time being. Is there anything I can do in the meantime to RAISE my E2 though?

I’m considering:
-a single weekly dose of 200 mg rather than my usual 100 mg twice weekly. I know large, single doses seem to aromatize more than split doses.
-Inject more HCG? Maybe 1000 IUs twice a week for the next two weeks. I’m worried about LH desensitization though.

I’m currently megadosing DHEA and pregnenolone which I’ve heard can aromatize. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Im concerned that your issue isnt low e2. That number is somewhat low, but not terribly low…its possible that it’s low for your optimum though.

My best advice is if the only issue here is low e2 and you’ll feel better once it rises is to not make any drastic changes. I’ve been there and know you’re dying for relief but stabilization requires stable action and if you start drastically changing your protocol, you may expect a drastic swing in the other direction.

My advice is to leave everything the same but come off of anastrozole for 1 week. After 1 week, resume AI at new lower dose.

Since you’re going to be taking 1/4 mg anastrozole once per week, if suggest dissolving your arimidex in a vodka solution so you can dose 1/8 mg twice per week on your injection days. This will also prevent further e2 crashed.

Have you considered that if you reduce your T dose, you may not need an AI at all and may feel much better? Do you know what your labs looks like in total with your current protocol? I feel better at 100 mg test per week vs 200 mg test per week because my ai dose is greatly reduced.

Hey man, thanks for the response.

I realize the 16 pg/mL isn’t to terribly low, but I did take .25 mg of arimidex the day AFTER the bloodwork. So that means my current estradiol level is much lower than 16 pg/mL since that blood value was drawn before my most recent arimidex dosage.

I’ll look into the vodka solution. I’d been avoiding it up until this point though as I had heard the arimidex will often settle unevenly on the bottom making it harder to correctly dose.

My first set of labs will be coming back from my doctor by the end of this week. I’ll definitely look into lowering my dosage. I felt 200 mg was high to start with, but he insisted we try that first and then adjust accordingly with future bloodwork.

Got it. That makes more sense then. You’d likely not require an AI at all at 50 mg/twice per week and the less drugs the better. If you do feel better with an AI, you’ll likely need to go the microdosing route with the vodka. The good news is just shaking it slightly before you suck up the solution in the dropper solves the settling problem.

I bought these:

It’s pretty straight forward. I put 5 mg arimidex into one vial. Fill with 5 ml’s of vodka and let fully dissolve.

Then get something you can measure 1 ml of the solution. Childrens medicine measuring syringes and dispensers always have these, typically up to 5 or 10 mg delineations.

Begin dropping single drops into the container with 1 ml marked and count the drops. When you hit the 1 ml marker you can run some math.

Let’s say it took 16 drops to hit 1 ml, you know that there’s 16 drops/ml or another way of looking at it, 16 drops per mg, so one drop is 1/16th of a mg. If you wanted to dose 1/4 mg, you’d then need 4 drops since 4/16 is 1/4 etc.

Important: count the drops of the solution containing the arimidex. The count will be slightly different if you drop pure vodka vs vodka with arimidex dissolved in it.

Hope this helps. I’d still suggest leaving your protocol as is for one week, to allow your e2 to recover, drop your dose down to 100 mg/week, discontinue use of your AI for 4 weeks and then get your blood drawn again.

Awesome, thank you for the detailed response. I will purchase the dropper and also talk to my doc about lowering the dose. Should have my bloodwork back by tomorrow.

why don’t you just go to a compound pharmacy and they can make arimedex at what ever dose you need it. Thats what I did. I think it mite be a little easier then trying to dissolve things but thats just my opinion