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Crunching in Upper Back

I will start off with some of my stats as I don’t post often enough to become ‘known’.
Im 5.8’ 76kgs (167lb) @ 11% bf
Bench 135kg
Deadlift 230kg
Squat 180kg (not sure if I went paralell friends and spotter said I did but convinced I didnt)

Training at the min is;
monday: squat 90kg 4X8 (micro adding to get a good solid lift for first meet and practicing good form after reading an article on here this is easy but Iam enjoying the high rep work)
Hi/low kettlebell squat 4X6 12kg hi 16kg low
Flags 4x12 superset crunches
Single side kettlebell squat 32kg 4x8

Tuesday:Bench 4x4 95kg (good solid presses each rep)
dips 4x6 with a 42.5 kg dunbell
incline db press 2 35kg dbs 4x8

300 kettlebell workout
clean and press 50 reps 20kg
snatches 50reps 24kg
swings 50reps 32kg
single swings 50 reps 24kg
halos 50 reps 24kg
double clean and press 50 reps 16kgX2
best time 31mins 28secs

Wide grip pull ups with 20kg dunbell 4x4 (solid reps)
deadlift 160kg 2x3 170kgx3 180x3 190x3
bent over rows 65kg dunbell 4x6

Friday: ‘feel good sess’
cable over head press 20kg 4x12 bicep curls 4x12 superset with same weight.
angled skull crusher ez bar 30kg 12 reps, dunbell skull crushers 12.5kg dunbells 12 reps
incline bicep curls 12.5kg dunbells 20 reps 4sets of this.
front raises 15kg dunbells 4x24 simultanious reps 4x12 lat raises (supersets again)
Upright rows 32kg 4x12 90kg shrugs 4x12 (supersets again!)

My training is (unorthadox)? but works and has helped hit all my goals I also try to get in a decent amount of running at the weekend nothing serious but my cardio is good.

I dont post often as I have been accused of being a troll which I promise Im not.
I pride my self on keeping good form if I cant make the lift with good form I dont do it.

My question is over the past year or so I have experienced a crunch in the top part of my back when I stand up and straighten up it only happens every so often (3 times a day)and doesnt hurt,It feels like the discs are ligning up or somthing does anyone else have this problem?.
Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Rule o` thumb: If it doesn’t hurt, no need to freak out. As far as I know, crunching and clicking in all joints/disc also happens in the untrained population.

However, what you describe is most probably a disalignment of your discs caused by heavy deadlifts and squats. I usually just get ppl to crack them back in for me with a bear hug (in case they’re larger than me) or their fists.

On the other hand, it could also be a sign of injured and scarred cartilage between your disks, so you may wanna pay a lifting-friendly orthopedist a visit just to be on the safe side.

Cool thanks very much will get onto it,I just dont want any serious long-term injuries thats all thanks very much.

Happens to me if I’ve been on the computer for a while, but I slouch, could be your posture.

[quote]Dre the Hatchet wrote:
Rule o` thumb: If it doesn’t hurt, no need to freak out.[/quote]

You got there before me.
Years of experience with myself,friends and family and clients says that in this case,pain is your friend.
I’ve heard some shocking cracks,clicks and crunches over the years,but all have turned out to be nothing.
As long as you have have suffered no major trauma to the area,there is no pain,and your posture hasn’t suffered,a good ‘back-crack’ will sort you out.
Good to go to a soprts massage specialist,physiotherapist or chiropracter recommended or affiliated with a local gym,boxing or martial arts club.