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Crunched on Time

Hey all, just wondering if any of you guys have a decent full body workout to send me or to post a link. Now that school’s started up again and my class schedule isn’t the best, and I really can only workout monday wednesday and friday. So if anyone can help i’d really appreciate it.

er…by the look of things you have a copy of built like a badass-DO IT. Its a damn fine three day a week program.

Thats just a pic i used off the net, trying to find it online so I don’t have to buy it.

I would make time to workout 5+ days a week anyway and do a BP split personally, either lifting early or late if necessary, but if you’re limited to 3 sessions with no room for exceptions, I’d probably do something like Pull/Push/Legs.

Example: (keep in mind I’ve never done a split like this, just trying to write up something that hits all muscle groups)

Mon Pull
BB Rows
BB Curls
Rear Delt Raises on Inc Bench

Wed Push
Bench Press
Military Press
Lateral Raises

Fri Legs
Straight Leg Deadlifts
Leg ext
Ham Curls
Hack Squat machine
Calf work