Posted my last cycle back in July, which was:
Test E 600mg/week 1-16
Dbol 50mg/day week 1-4
Tren ace 250 week, weeks12-16

Well, I got a new job in upper management which occupied most of my time for the first 2 months of this cycle. I still trained, but wasn’t keeping up with my diet like I should, and ended up dropping the dbol early and knocked the test down to 300wk.

I decided I would just cruise on 300wk for 20 wks since I needed to get settled in at this job and train and eat right.

Here it is week 21 and I have a few thoughts on what to do.
-cycle off or
-bump test back to 600 and run dbol, and continue with the original plan of tren.

I’m thinking I should cycle off and give my system a break and re-establish a signal to my nads, since it’s been a while since I started this go-round. Just want to know what some more experienced guys have to say.

Diet and training has been back on point for the last 8 weeks. No worries there.

I agree with your assessment. I’d cycle off after that long on. Even if it was a smaller dose it was still quite a bit higher than natural. If it were me and I eventually wanted to have a normal life (not on TRT) I’d give myself a break.

My .02

I would say cycle off. I cycled for 20 weeks then cruised for a week or two at TRT before starting PCT (didnt have HCG yet). The longer you stay on the harder it will be to recover normal levels and your nuts. I followed this plan and it worked well for me, nuts have come back pretty well, libido and all is good.

500 IU HCG ED For 20 Days
25mg Aromasin ED For 20 Days
Then 40mg Nolvadex ED for 2 weeks
20mg Nolvadex for 4 weeks.

Obvious question is historical blood work and whether you’re ready for long term steady HRT or if you want to avoid that for now.

I get my blood work done after every cycle, and I always come back with a 560ish test level.

I have never been able to get HCG from the suppliers that I frequent. I’m actually even having a hard time getting adex and clomid. Luckily I always buy my clomid before I start a cycle.

My PCT for years has been this:
Clomid 100/100/50/50
2000mg Vitamin C a day
1000mg Fenugreek a day

Libido is always normal, and lIke I said my blood work always looks good.