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Cruising on Test Cypionate: When to Get Bloodwork Done?

I’ve decided, given my naturally low levels of test (341 NG/Dl, Free test 6.7 PG/ML) I’m just going to cruise on Test Cypionate at 200 Mg a week indefinitely. When is the best time to get my new labs for an accurate reading on Test Cyp? I want to get labs done so I can see how this impacts my test levels and can make adjustments if needed to the dosage accordingly.

For reference, I am 26, 5’8, 153 lb, 11% bodyfat and I have included my natural labs attached.


When I started trt my doc had me pull bloods at eight weeks, then again eight weeks later. It’s been pretty smooth sailing since then. You probably want them no sooner than eight weeks, and no later than 12. But I’m just ballparking here.

How soon after an injection should I do labs on test cy?

the day of. So if shot is on Friday, get labs done before shot.

How are you going to address your TSH?

The endo Doc I saw thought I had very mild hyperthyroidism and didnt think it or the TSH are of concern. I’m open to suggestions about that though.

My endo advised me to get bloodwork done in the morning after fasting which did and my test levels came back very differently. At 600ng/dl and free test of 14. This is compared to my previous afternoon blood work after 341/ng/dl and free test of 6.7. Is such a big change normal?

your test is always highest the morning. That is not particularly unusual for a variance over the day.