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Cruising at 200mg. Once a Week or Split Dose?

I’m coming off 10 weeks cycle, 4 weeks dbols @30 mg a day. Cypionate @ 400mg split into 2. I like to cruise @200mg. Can I do the 200mg at once or should I split it?

Splitting it provides better stability of hormone levels, but a lot of guys do trt at once a week and they don’t keel over and die. Twice a week is objectively better, but once a week won’t kill you.

I prefer more frequent injections.
Once a week is a bit off as half life is around 5 days, so - id say at least once every 4 days is best. I do once every 3 days as it is easier to draw for the amount i want.

Id say doing sustanon would be better if you want less frequent shots, as some esters in it would provide more stable levels, but god knows how much would be the real difference.

Thank you

I appreciate your feed back, thank you.

Please tell me if shbg level should be a factor in deciding how often to inject, say it’s 2. Thank you.

I was a twice a week guy for years but just recently I switched to once a week and I REALLY can’t see a difference.

Same results, less inconvenience, and needles and syringes last longer.

No difference, yeah I rather just do once a week, I thought it was better to do twice. Thank you

For me injection frequency makes a huge difference.

On 160 mg/week Test C in two 80 mg injections, my blood pressure shot up to 160/80, I had 24/7 headaches, was extremely bloated and felt terrible.

I moved to 22 mg/day (154 mg/week, basically same weekly dose), and all those negative side effects went away. They might’ve gone away by themselves, but I’d been on the first protocol for 3 months and those symptoms resolved within a couple weeks after moving to daily injections.

Note that I get a lot out of not much test. On 22 mg/day (I’m now on 18 mg/day, feel even better there), I was around 1800 ng/dL TT, so for me that was a lot.

Oh wow, what a different!

You just came off a heavy cycle. I’m willing to bet your SHBG is very low. To get the most out of your new low dose, You would probably benefit from more frequent dosing.

Thank you