Cruise Idea - First Time Protocol Advice?

Hi, I apologize if a guide already exists standardized for these questions.

I am considering a first-time use.

I am trying to work hard for a few years, and I want something that preserves my health and motivates me to see my potential.

My idea is to cruise test undecanoate, since it’s low risk with little upkeep.

Maybe 500/2 weeks for two years.

Do you think this sounds like the right choice?

What else do I need? AI, SERM, HCG, cholesterol, liver and kidney meds, bp meds?

Would you recommend some other approach instead, like SARMs, peptides, test e, …?

If you don’t have low testosterone then this is a bad idea. You’ll be gaining less and basically signing yourself up for potentially a lifetime of treatment.

You gain less on a 500 cruise dose?

500 isn’t a cruise. Neither is the 250 you’ve proposed, but that’s neither here nor there.

You’re talking about doing high trt instead of just running a proper cycle and then cruising at a normal dose, which would yield you a lot more in terms of mass gains.

So, you’re saying the risk of long-term treatment makes you not think a small dose makes sense?

You’re going to shut down natural production for two years. A restart isn’t guaranteed. So the potential risk is known and quantifiable. In order to make that risk worth it you need the return to be pretty high. You’ll get more out of running two or three blasts and cruising at a healthy dose in between.

Beyond that, 250 is no-man’s land. It’s supraphysiological, so it isn’t necessarily healthy. Plus it may require an AI (it also may not). It’s probably enough to make some nice gains, but is it enough to offset the pain in the ass it may be to manage a weird dose like that? No way to know until it’s too late.

I see.

Would a similar idea with 3-4 blasts give much more? What kind of blast? 500 for 3 months with maybe 200 after?

How safe are higher t doses?

That ain’t AAS, or SARMs.

What are your actual fitness goals?

I would like to peak without going too far into the danger zone.

I’m not sure that’s a fitness goal. But good luck, lots of good advise in these forums.

Safer than eating Chinese food once a week for the next two years, but not as safe as taking ibuprofen once in a while for a headache.

There’s no answer here. It’s safe relative to other things you may or may not do. Nobody has died because they ran a test cycle unless they were ready to die anyway. If you don’t get too many side effects then it’s like you’re on nothing at all. You get stronger, you recover faster, things get easier. But it isn’t some huge shift in the way you operate. Or at least it isn’t for most people.

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Cheers. I suspected the healthier choices going along with this probably offset any direct physiological damage, in terms of overall health. I guess you could worry about specifics like prostate, gyno, hair, etc.

These do not bother me. I guess the people who replace their kidneys take more.

No offense but it sounds like you have a lot to learn from the questions and responses. Stick around for awhile and read up. A few weeks from now you will triple your knowledge on the subject.