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Cruise Control with Testosterone

Yeah i meant a safe lifetime cruise. I mean if you can cruise on 200 and it dont hurt and you stay feeling great and keeping your mass thats what im asking.

Im not trying to keep dorian yates mass or nothing lol. Just a nice size. Im 5 5. I want to keep a lean 185.

You do need to go to the trt page… lean 185 lbs. 120 mg per week split in two doses. If fertility is an issue than hcg should be incorporated. Try and avoid ai’s if at all possible.

He is better off staying in pharma. Stop acting like the damn internet police. He will get better advice over here. I know T-replacement is improving but still more experience and advice over here. The standard protocol for T-replacement was to tell them to take their temps morning noon and night, then start treating with Iodized salt for thyroid. Then they gave the " T + HcG + AI" spiel is mandatory for successful TrT. There was a couple people that always advocated that BS like a cookie cutter process.

100mgs a week put me at 815. I have never taken an AI and no HCG, I already have kids and want NO more.

Remember back to when you got drunk the first time, it was off Zima, or winecoolers, or 6 pack. You didn’t start out banging down a bottle of Jack your first time.


Wanna bet? :smiley:


To be clear, the T Replacement forum is for straight TRT, most often done with a doctor’s prescription and/or doctor’s supervision.

Running cycles and/or stacking anabolics on top of TRT, like the OP is currently considering with dbol and winstrol (which I’m guessing he should’ve mentioned here anyway) makes the discussion most appropriate for Pharma.


Point taken. The guy isn’t on TrT yet, and is asking about Cruising.


Your right. He will get better advice here.

Im 160 and want to be a lean 185 so yeah i got dbol and test e. Just asking questions and doing my research before i start. I was gonna run dbol kick on 10 to 14 weeks of 600 test e. Wanted to know abouy cruising when done. And basically for life. Kinda wide open.

Watch out for gyno with the dbol. Its pretty much know for that. Do you have any tamoxifen?

Have you ran any blood test to make sure your E2/prolactin/HCT are in check?

That is big problem even guys on TRT doses 100-150mg/wk have big issues keeping their blood thin enough to not raise blood pressure.
Depending on your SHGB 100mg/wk can be more than enough to cruise on.
Depending on your Free T (which is way more important than TT) run it too high for too long and you will have HCT issues and donating blood only works for so long do to it depleting your ferritin.

Lots stuff in play, cruiser/blasters could learn alot from the long term TRT guys that experiment and does blood testing.

Is this your first cycle? If yes, stay with just a test cycle. Why? So that is something goes sideways you can adjust from there instead of playing guessing games as to what caused it. Run Test 300mg a week. First step would having blood work done so you know where everything is at.

Most recent bloodwork in July

I take baby aspirin daily

I donate regularly

Did you read this new study out about baby aspirin taken daily?

You’re just full of sunshine today, aren’t you? :smiley:

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I could of been an asshole and kept my mouth shut. BUT instead I am looking out for my fellow man and passing along what I have seen. I am here for you Stud. Wash it down with that Jack.

Appreciate it. You do crack me up though.

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Studhammer is a low SHBG guy. So his protocol is different with regard to dose and frequency from the norm. Just pointing that out. I’m a high SHBG guy. Here is my results from just 140mg/wk.