Cruise Control with Testosterone

Whats a good amount of test to cruise with. Safe and effective. Keep your gains and be healthy with. Im 41 so im going on trt as it is.

The smart answer is as little as it takes to get you feeling the way you want. Everybody is different. I cruise at 250/week split in 2 doses. Keeps me where I want. Great libido, great erections, feeling good. Generally happy.

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100mg a week. Test after 6 weeks. Adjust dose from there.

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100 mg a week? He said keep his gains. He isnt talking about some weak trt protocol. 200 mg bro. 250 mg is where most the guys I know cruise.

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100mg/week puts me at 1100s total test. Everybody is different. You need to find your baseline and increase from there. 250mg/week is not a cruise dose its a mini blast.


1100 trough? That’s high for 100 mg. 100 mg left me sitting at 675 ng/dl. 250 mg per week is not a blast and is safe but you may or may not have estrogen issues. We are in Pharma right now not trt. This guy is talking about keeping gains after a cycle not staying within labcorps ranges. Honestly nobody I know that cycles gear runs less than 250 mg on cruise. You sacrifice to much strength and mass. These guys are also pretty big boys 250 lbs plus. I agree that it varies from one person to another depending on estrogen and how you metabolize testosterone. That’s why I’m saying between 200 mg and 250 mg. Nothing lower than that though.

Yup trough. My current protocol is 140mg, split and pinned twice per week and that’s the highest the doc will let me go since it sometimes puts me above 1500. My point is that if he doesn’t know where his baseline is and wants to be on TRT he should find out on a standard dose and go up from there.

I see what you are saying though about the preserving muscle part. Obviously more test is going to do that better regardless of numbers. For me, running 250mg/wk I don’t think would be wise for life. I guess it just depends on whether he wants to establish a baseline or dive right in for the sake of preserving muscle.

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He seems pretty clear and he isnt talking about trt. Cruising between cycles has nothing to do with trt really. Hopefully he is doing all the appropriate bloodwork and has a handle on things but I doubt yall are speaking the same language right now. If he wants trt he can go to a doctor and bend to their will. He will be on whatever the doctor puts him on. At 140 mg and tt of 1500 means you metabolize the testosterone very slowly. Nothing wrong with that. The testosterone isnt being separated from it ester as quickly leaving you at a surplus at every injection.

I’ve run from between 250 to 400 for cruising over the last year. Haven’t gone below that.

I think the dose you choose should be ‘whatever helps you keep most of your gains while also getting your bloodwork back into normal/optimal range’. I would emphasize the latter part. If you are keeping your gains, but your bloodwork sucks, you’ve missed the entire point of a cruise. That should be prioritized.

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Yeah i meant a safe lifetime cruise. I mean if you can cruise on 200 and it dont hurt and you stay feeling great and keeping your mass thats what im asking.

Im not trying to keep dorian yates mass or nothing lol. Just a nice size. Im 5 5. I want to keep a lean 185.

You do need to go to the trt page… lean 185 lbs. 120 mg per week split in two doses. If fertility is an issue than hcg should be incorporated. Try and avoid ai’s if at all possible.

He is better off staying in pharma. Stop acting like the damn internet police. He will get better advice over here. I know T-replacement is improving but still more experience and advice over here. The standard protocol for T-replacement was to tell them to take their temps morning noon and night, then start treating with Iodized salt for thyroid. Then they gave the " T + HcG + AI" spiel is mandatory for successful TrT. There was a couple people that always advocated that BS like a cookie cutter process.

100mgs a week put me at 815. I have never taken an AI and no HCG, I already have kids and want NO more.

Remember back to when you got drunk the first time, it was off Zima, or winecoolers, or 6 pack. You didn’t start out banging down a bottle of Jack your first time.


Wanna bet? :smiley:


To be clear, the T Replacement forum is for straight TRT, most often done with a doctor’s prescription and/or doctor’s supervision.

Running cycles and/or stacking anabolics on top of TRT, like the OP is currently considering with dbol and winstrol (which I’m guessing he should’ve mentioned here anyway) makes the discussion most appropriate for Pharma.


Point taken. The guy isn’t on TrT yet, and is asking about Cruising.


Your right. He will get better advice here.

Im 160 and want to be a lean 185 so yeah i got dbol and test e. Just asking questions and doing my research before i start. I was gonna run dbol kick on 10 to 14 weeks of 600 test e. Wanted to know abouy cruising when done. And basically for life. Kinda wide open.

Watch out for gyno with the dbol. Its pretty much know for that. Do you have any tamoxifen?