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Cruise Bloodwork Review - Keto Diet, Autoimmune issues

Preface: Was using Anavar for 7 days at 10mg and stopped about 3 days before Bloodwork. That was stupid but it is what it is. That’s why my HDL is low in my opinion

I have been on keto for about 5 months. I did a month straight of carnivore about 3 months in.

Protein in Blood is low; I believe this is because I am on 2-2500 calories a day cutting
100mcg t4
25mcg t3
5-10,000 iu d3 Daily
Test Cyp 170-225mg per week(I go back and forth lol)

What do you guys think? My biggest concern is the low WBC however I have a lot of autoimmune type issues AND Hashimotos which is being treated extremely well by Keto and my meds. I had prediabetes for years so H1C is really encouraging to see.

I think your low WBC is because of your diet. When I did Keto, I had low WBC in 2 lab results (6 weeks apart). After I stopped Keto and had lower life stress, it returned to normal.

I think the stress factor was the bigger one than the Keto, but since Keto is notorious for causing increased stress hormones and response, it is connected.

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Great to hear. Overall I’d say the bloodwork besides cholesterol looks good and I am done with any orals for at least until I’m done cutting. Too bad doc didn’t order tests for sex hormones but I’m confident they’re acceptable as I feel great and not running anything crazy or that I haven’t ran for TRY before,

Kinda wanna add in 150mg npp a week to finish off my cut. I just started 3 iu hgh a day about 3 days ago. So small cut cycle will be:

180 Test Cyp (60mg MWF)
500iu HCG MWF (well-being improved)
150mg NPP( 50mg MWF)
3iu HGH (1.5IU 2x day)
10mg Cardarine(gonna try again)
Metformin XR 500mg
1000mg L-Carnitine Injectable

Thoughts? Here is current physique
5’9 175lbs

My question would be what you get out of cutting at 175 lbs and circa 10% (or even lower) BF.

Why do you want to get shredded? And if you really want to, why cycle that much? It won’t be necessary.

I’d rather bulk again or just hold it till September, try to make some lean gains and then start bulking.

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Just want to look more than good and challenge myself to get down to a competition type Conditioning so that if I ever decide to compete in the future. I hold nowhere near as much size as I’d want before ever competing but still a fun challenge. I feel like im not even 10% body fat yet

Which of the anabolic gear is too much? 180mg Test or the 150mg NPP? I would say there is definitely no NEED for npp but…

Why is your LDL so low? Do you take statins?

This is from the original post:

Preface: Was using Anavar for 7 days at 10mg and stopped about 3 days before Bloodwork. That was stupid but it is what it is. That’s why my HDL is low in my opinion

That is likely.


Not talking about HDL, your LDL is 48mg/DL… That’s insane… How

Carnivore diet idk?

Lol I really have no idea I haven’t heard back from Doc yet lmao

You’d think it would make it worse but isn’t lower LDL sought after? 48 is very low but idk

Maybe cardarine use of like 2 weeks a few weeks before bloodwork I have no idea

There’s a spectrum, too low/too high of anything generally has inherent risks. But HDL 17 LDL 48 is hypothetically nowhere near as detrimental in comparison to say HDL 17 LDL 190 as many would have when on anavar.

I used cardarine at 15-20mg or something like that for maybe 2-3 weeks but hadn’t used for 2 weeks when testing maybe that? Idk

My LDL is generally quite low, but I go through pharmacological avenues to extensively suppress this variable. Even then, the lowest I’ve seen my LDL was… around 80mg/dl I believe.

All I can think of is Cardarine and Carnivore/strict keto I have no idea. My diet is 70% meat and in the past my cholesterol off cycle was always like middle range but it’s been years, I’ll keep an eye on it. I think cardarine was designed to lower LDL and raise HDL or at least does that through the PPAR but if it changed mine that’s interesting

I take no statins
I’ve been on a supplement containing inositol ip6 for about 7 days before the test too

Tell us about thr benifits of varying the Testosterone dose from 170mg to 225mg? Is it libido?

it does, though this isn’t the prime reason as to why the drug was developed. The beneficial impact on lipids doesn’t appear to be nearly as pronounced in comparison to statins, niacin, fibrates etc.

Muscle Fullness and mentality
Higherish e2 is a big part of imagine even if it’s subtle

Carnivore in combination with low calories is for sure a big part of why your LDL and HDL is so low. Except for when you are eating fatty minced meat all day, then not so much

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When I did keto, my lipids were the best they have ever been.


When I did Keto they were the worst, but I think that was for different reasons haha