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If the HPTA will not be recovering anyway during cruise/blast, is there any point in cruising for the same amount of time you were blasting?

I have read different things. Some swear there is receptor burnout, some say there isn't. I tend to be in the second camp. So I am not really sure why I would need to take 10 weeks cruising if I spent 10 weeks blasting...

I tried coming off after I already knew I needed TRT before the cycle, and it didn't work too well. Decided to go with cruise and blast, which is more suited for my needs as I have low test anyway. I know this approach is not very well liked on here, but it is what it is. Once I switch doctors I will almost definitely be on TRT as I have already talked to a family friend who is a doctor, who will be opening his practice soon. He seems on board so far.


Health is the main reason. Its not good for you to be on massive doses all year round of multiple compounds. Test is pretty safe since its natural, but with other compounds its a bit of a lottery since there's no studies to verify the long term risks. Personally though, the people who I know who have been on very high doses for a very long time, some of them have heart problems, some don't.


I can't provide scientific reasoning to back this up... but, speaking from an empirical perspective: it's good to cruise for a while to give your body (joints, heart, muscles, liver if you use orals etc) a rest for health benefits and injury prevention.

The other reason, and this is the one I can't back up scientifically, is that after a cruise your body is more responsive to 'da roidz' and you are likely to experience a growth spurt when you do do revert to 'blasting' I only blast on a gram max with no orals and have cruised on 300mg test but also as low as 100mg per week.

If you are a pro and you have constant access to medical attention and free physio and chiro and dietary consults and all that shit then things might be different but I'm a working stiff with old and new injures and I'm pretty busy outside of training, I'm happy with how I look and seemed to plateua at 230LB's last year and became sick with flu or a stomach upset each time I reached that weight, or got injured like I am now so cruising is a sensible choice at present-as long as I get my 3 or 4 workouts in and I don't get fat or drop too far below 215/220 and my injuries do not worsen I'll be happy.

IMHO it is not healthy (health in terms of joint/injury health not just heart and liver although the health of these organs are paramount-duh) nor desirable in terms of gains to just blast flat out 'forever' I'm not sure of its the law of diminishing returns or what, but thats how things are for me.

I've been on two years almost now and I'm sure people with more experience can offer better advice this is just my 2 cents.


Makes sense.

I just plan on sticking to test, and throw in some orals and upping the test close to a meet.


Things to consider:

Red blood cell count
Elevated blood pressure
E2 elevation (if cannot be controlled optimally during the blast)
No long-term studies to prove health effects


RBC count was very low before I went on. So was hct.

BP is under control now, for the most part. Adex for E2.

Hopefully my next doctor will provide me with my cruising dose... or at least part of it. If not, then I guess I will just keep treating myself


Just curious how old you are?


Never took anything, went to the doctor and my total test was 274pg/dl.
He didn't give me TRT because he admitted he didn't know enough about it to feel safe doing it.
He suggested I seek TRT though, so he sent me to another doctor who only saw a powerlifter asking for testosterone. This became pretty heated after he acted very unprofessionally. Needless to say, I did not obtain help here either.

So I started self medicating. Since I couldn't compete drug free while self medicating (ethically) I started cruising and blasting. Libido, energy, ect are now back to what they once were.

I never took anything at all, but there was a definite change over the course of the past few years, verified by that test.

Tried natural alternatives first. Noticed nothing basically. After my last interaction with a doctor I am now happily self medicating, and feel happier and healthier than ever... and the doctor will probably lose his medical license for the way he conducted himself.

A family friend is leaving the hospital in my city to open his own practice, and he will be treating me in a few months, unless something changes.


Giving a pint of blood will help control blood pressure-as and when it reaches undesirable levels.

More is definitely not more with 'da roidz' and most people find their sweet spot with test, mine is just under a gram (of test) though to be honest I've never gone much higher as I have never felt the need.

If you feel that whilst cruising you need a little extra 20mg dbol pre workout on leg/dead lift days helps.

Although you're only 19 I would take rehab/ foam rolling and mobilization exercises seriously as it is likely the extra strength and work capacity from the gear will introduce some kind of injury at least at some point.


No doubt. I have the muscletrac massager, and use it morning and night. Also pre training. I foam roll pretty often as well to get the spots I cannot reach with the muscletrac. I perform lots of prehab exercises already, but should do more.

And I know more is not always better. I plan to stick to low/moderate doses for quite awhile. I will eventually play with higher doses but at this point it is not necessary.


I've been blasting and cruising myself for over 10 months mostly for medical reasons and I haven't felt this great in years! I've been switching compounds and been taking moderate amounts of each. I'm not gonna go nuts and start taking huge doses, not unless I absolutely need too. Been working really good for me so far! Good luck!


I can't prove this but I feel that by varying the compounds, even if its just one type of test to another seems to help mitigate side effects like acne and stuff. I've been on Test Cyp for ages now and am going to swap to see if it helps my skin.

I am a PCT 'crash and burner' so for me blast and cruise is ideal.


I didn't realize how shitty I felt before.
I feel awesome now. So far my only "blast" was 500mg a week(250mg E3d) and cruise on 300 (according to the label, I felt somewhat shitty on 200mg, so bumped to 250, then finally 300...I feel normal here, it may be under dosed)

I will never come off unless I am going to have kids, and not even then if I don't have to, whether I have to self medicate for years, or go on trt soon...


BigSkwatta, did you get any detailed bloodwork done before you went on TRT? LH, FSH, etc? Might wanna get an MRI of your pituitary, or maybe your adrenals are fucked, or your thyroid isn't workin like it should. I'm a big believer that you should find out what's up before you put a bandaid on


Little late now, I have been on for 16 months straight now. Not all blasts obviously.

My LH and FSH were well above normal on original bloodwork, FSH was perfectly normal. So I would assume I was a primary hypogonadal. No doctor would get me any other tests. They all just saw a powerlifter asking about stuff that could lead to a prescription for testosterone.

At any rate, I feel 1000 times better than before. I feel healthier now, most of the time unless I'm on a lot of stuff.

I need to have bloodwork done though to check hct, rdc count, cholesterol, ect.... but I keep putting it off, and I am sort of between doctors right now due to not particularly getting along with the last few I have been to. I will probably just get my bloodwork done from an online place, and interpret them myself and treat myself accordingly.

One thing the whole low testosterone thing taught me was that for many the healthcare system sucks and people need to take a more active role in their health care rather than putting so much trust in doctors. Doctors do not always know what is best.


Amen to that...it is crazy how little doctors know about men's HPTA. I was lucky to find a doc willing to work with me.


In regards to blasting year round, I cant imagine it will be healthy on the heart. I have heard that steroids can causes thickening of the coronary arteries (hence arnold's triple bypass) which can be a set up for a heartattack.
This is just my opinion.



I wish I could. My family got a new doctor recently, as the guy I mentioned earlier in this thread as leaving the hospital moved away.

My mom has out of control diabetes and all kinds of health issues she doesn't care about and he has taken more of a damage control stance wheras the other doctors basically would put her on regimens they knew she wouldn't adhere to... so maybe he will at the very least play damage control for my PED use.