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Cruise At 500mg Test E?

I’ve read that some choose this dose to cruise on and have for decades. But, it’s all anecdotal hearsay.

This is my _n_th blast of 500mg test e and I feel awesome on this dose, inside and outside of the gym, mentally and physically.

I’m coming to the end of a 12 week cycle, but had my doc put in an extra 8 weeks. After last cycle, I didn’t see much muscle gain after 12 weeks.

Anyway, the questions are:

Is 500mg too much to cruise on?

Negative side effects (that can’t be mitigated with donating blood for RBC, etc.)?

Does muscle growth eventually stop at this dose? Or do you just plateau and still gain, but much slower? I ask this 2nd part because I’ve read that the cruise part is also intended on “resetting the androgen receptors to be more susceptible to test again” (could be broscience).

Any experience or anything to add?

At 500mg/w it’s not a cruise, it’s just a year-round cycle. You want your testosterone levels to be within a normal range because that’s the homeostasis that your body is built for. Having levels at supraphysiological levels all the time isn’t going to end well. I’m sure some people have run high amounts for years on end, but there’s a reason why it’s not common. Long term health is more important than short term gains. If you are taking a standard TRT dose you should be able to train and diet to get to your goals. If you’ve reached a genetic limit—and honestly most normal guys haven’t—then yeah, you’ll have better luck with higher doses. But realistically you should be able to get where you want to go without running year-round high dose test. Just my 2¢.